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Does anyone remember this?


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Way back in 2006/07/08 there used to be gta machinima videos like stories,stunts,mods etc...

And that was wayback before these channels existed

(Kenny paas,Los santos cast, flyingkitty)

There were stunting videos and a small machinima/animated vice city serieses

Like (Peds(29 episodic series that was actually voiced and animated wayback in 2008 by members of gtaforums),psyched 1,psyched 2,psyched 3 and iv,stupidman,stupidman 2, 28days later)


I still wonder how people used to make these videos and animations.

Here's two examples:




Edited by JohnsonHu
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This kind of content was from a gold mine back then, i'm pretty sure a GTA veteran knows about these kinds of videos. Although they didn't bring up much attention since zmoonchild was the king of GTA in those days. :/

It's good to see someone remember stuff like this

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I also managed to find "PEDS" animated machinima series by PawFectfilms here is the first episode:

There is 3 seasons.

Season one containing 15 episodes in it's playlist.(takes place in vice city)

Season two has 13 episodes.(taking place in gta III's liberty city using gta vice city pedestrians and cars)


Season three only has 5 episodes only.(taking place in san andreas).

After the series was discontinued/abandonedby its creator(s), keep saying that there will be a season four however,that didn't happen.

And all this happened in 2008/09.


using vicestudios.

Edited by JohnsonHu
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12 hours ago, Presidential said:

I used to love these. Talk about a blast from the past.

Same here, some of these use to be flat out hilarious. Was fun to see what creators could do with things from the game.

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  • 1 year later...

Throwback to when machinimas like this were the axiom of creativity as far as GTA videos online went. Now it's all clickbait crap






I remember a series made in SA that was like three bumbling cops or some sh*t, there was a "special" where they went to Las Venturas, but I can't find anything about it. Anyone remember this?

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Those were the good ol' days, man. It was all about creativity and fun and now it's mostly drama and clickbait sh*t.

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