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grand theft auto: empire of sin

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Posted (edited)


                                                                                                   logo made by strange




Overview: grand theft auto: empire of sin is set in the fictional midwest city of carcer city and its surrounding countryside. the year is 1930 in the middle of prohibition in the united states. just like how gta vice city is about drug trafficking in miami in the 1980's, grand theft auto: empire of sin will revolve around bootlegging in a fictionalized version of chicago in the early 1930's. why 1930? well first i think it is a great way to make the gta franchise diverse with different themes for the games, sure it may not have as many vehicles or weapons but it would make the game stand out like a sore thumb to other open world games. second i haven't seen anyone else here on the forums make a gta concept set in this time period. 


Map: the map consists of carcer city itself on the shores of huron lake which is based on lake michigan and a countryside of woods and farmland on the outskirts of the city. the countryside is also an ideal place for bootlegging.



Story: the protagonist is 31 year old aldo andolini a world war 1 vet with italian decent. after aldo came home from the war, he began robbing people on the streets and burglarizing houses for cash in liberty city because he was poor and there wasn't much work around. eventually aldo became an associate of toni vincenzo, a capo of the lupisella crime family and was doing small jobs part time for him. eventually he became a henchman and was working for toni full time as being a bodyguard and taking hit contracts. but in 1925 when aldo was assigned to take out a rat who had been talking, aldo killed him but he was arrested but refused to rat on his family so he was imprisoned in alderney state correctional facility. he was released in 1930 and this is were the story begins. 



Mission #1 prologue

the cutscene shows aldo walking out the prison gates and a car is waiting for him with a man standing outside aldo gets in the car and they drive off. the cutscene then shows his employer toni and a few other men sitting at a table in their social club. aldo walks in and is welcomed back by his boss who later informs aldo that he is being sent to carcer city to perform a liquor deal with the carcer city syndicate. aldo takes the train to carcer city and a car with two men in it is waiting for him aldo enters the car and they drive to a parking garage where the deal is taking place. all is going well until four other cars show up and masked men get out and start shooting most bodyguards and the man they are making a deal with are killed but aldo is able to escape in a car. the mission ends with aldo walking into his apartment and calling his boss to inform him that the deal was ambushed and they money and the liquor was stolen. toni is furious and demands aldo dosent come back to liberty city until he finds who stole the money and the liquor.



Mission #2 An offer you can't refuse

aldo is offered a job for the carcer city syndicate in exchange of helping him find who ambushed the deal. the job consists of aldo going to a shop on carcer city syndicate turf to collect protection money. the shop owner refuses to pay up so the player ends having to do something make him pay. the player can throw an object through the window or they could go into the store and smash up merchandise with the bat aldo was equiped with. once aldo has done enough damage the owner finally pays the money. aldo then has to drive back to the bar and give the money and when he does he is also given a share of the money. 



Mission #3 chop chop

aldo finds one of the men who was involved in the ambush in an ally and questions him who else was involved in it. he refuses to tell him and as a result aldo beats him to death. he is approached by sonny martelli a henchman for the carcer city syndicate. he informs aldo he shouldn't have killed him that he viable source of information. and a car of two men pulls up sonny gives aldo a pistol and aldo kills the men. the two drive back to a bar owned by the carcer city syndicate and the mission ends.



Mission #4 great deal

aldo is called to the bar owned by the carcer city syndicate to meet a man named luca who works for them to discuss a job. aldo enters the bar and walks to luca sitting in the corner reading a news paper. he informs aldo he is to meet someone with it outside of town and collect a briefcase. he also tells aldo not to look in the briefcase. aldo drives to a wooded area outside the city and meets the man he is making a deal with.he hands aldo the briefcase and two men with revolvers walk up and point their guns at him. he questions aldo if he is setting him up. he then proceeds to try to steal the gun from one of the men but fails and is shot in the head meanwhile aldo pulls a gun from his inventory kills one of the men while the other takes the briefcase and runs off. aldo chases him through the woods and eventually runs into two men with mp-18s aldo kills them and begins to start chasing the man again in a chase which eventually leads to a path on some farmland. aldo eventually guns the man down injuring his leg aldo walks up to the man with him telling aldo he is a dead man which aldo ignores and proceeds to finish him off with a bullet to the head. aldo recovers the briefcase and heads back to the bar and gives his employer the briefcase while informing him of the stickup. according to man who sent aldo on the job it was an irish american street gang known as the northside shamrocks that was behind the stick up. the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $130.



Mission #5 luck of the irish

aldo meets luca at the bar. luca informs aldo that his job this time will be to participate in a hit on the boss of the northside shamrocks, mickey green and several of his men. aldo is equipped with a thompson m1928 and aldo his employer and two other men get in a car and drive to the location they were told mickey is hiding out. the four men enter the garage and order seven of the northside shamrocks against a wall by pointing their guns at them. the four men including aldo proceed to fire their guns at the gang members killing them instantly with machine gun fire. in the end they check bodies to see if they managed to kill mickey. it turns out they arrived minutes too late after mickey had left. and only managed to kill several of his henchmen. disapointed the crew drive back to the bar and the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $200.




Mission #6 Omerta

aldo is asked to perform another job for toni. toni informs aldo that a man who ratted on the family is hiding in carcer city and aldo must kill him. aldo accepts the job and drives to the suburbs of carcer city and finds the target then kills him on his front lawn. the government agents protecting him chase aldo and he receives a two star wanted level that he must lose. after doing so the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $200.



Mission #7 A trip to the country

aldo meets sonny who informs him they have some of the best liquor from canada being offloaded at a farm outside of town and the boss wants them to collect it. aldo and sonny get in a truck and drive to the farm to collect the liquor. once they get to the farm they find all of the men who were unloading the liqour dead. men begin two fire at sonny and aldo and the two fight back and kill all the men, collect the liquor, and make it back to the city in one piece. they inform luca of the attack and it turns out a rival family was trying to steal the liqour. the mission ends and aldo is rewarded with $200.



Mission #8 end of the rainbow

aldo meets luca at the bar. luca tells aldo they are going to settle the score with the irish once and for all. luca equips aldo with a sticky bomb and tells him to rig it to mickeys car. aldo finds mickeys car and rigs the bomb into the motor and waits for mickey and his men to enter it. eventually they do and the car explodes. aldo drives away quickly and the mission ends. aldo is rewarded $300.



Mission #9 Bon Appetit

angelo genotti the boss of the carcer city syndicate asks aldo to drive him to his favorite restaurant and be his bodyguard because his bodyguard called in sick. aldo accepts and drives him to the restaurant. they sit down and have some food and everything goes well until three cars each with four men inside pull up. then the men get out and start shooting the restaurant with tommy guns. aldo and genotti are able to avoid being shot but several bystanders are killed. one of the men then throws a grenade into the restaurant which causes an explosion starting a fire at the front. aldo sneaks around the side and attacks the men by suprise killing them all in the process. angelo genotti soon pieces together that his bodyguard who called in sick may have betrayed him and started working for the muretti crime family the same family that tried to steal the liquor at the farm. they then drive to the bodyguards house and kill him. the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $300. 



Mission #10 just for relaxation

angelo genotti is informed there is a huge shipment of expensive cigars coming through the docks. he orders aldo, luca, and sonny to steal the shipment. they drive to the docks and form a plan to hijack the truck carrying shipment out of the port. they park their car on the road going into the port and pretend their car broke down the truck pulls up and they flag him down to stop then they pull their guns and order him out of the truck aldo enters the truck while the other two get in the car and aldo follows them. they make it to the warehouse in one piece. the mission ends, aldo is rewarded $300 and truck hijacking side missions are unlocked and can be done any time.



Mission #11 assassin's greed

aldo formally meets angelo genotti again. since an all out war has broken out with the carcer city syndicate and the muretti crime family, genotti wants aldo to assassinate one of muretti's top guys. he tells aldo one of muretti's capos are going to arrive at the muretti lounge and that there is a sniper rifle on the roof of the building opposite of the lounge. aldo drives to the building and collects the rifle and waits for him to arrive. he finally arrives and aldo takes the shot killing the man instantly. aldo runs to the street level but is confronted by some of muretti's goons who saw him kill the capo. a brief gun fight ensues between aldo and muretti's goons. when the fight ends aldo is to flee the area. the mission ends, aldo is rewarded $300 and the assassination side mission is unlocked. 



Mission #12 molotov party 

aldo receives another contract from genotti to burn down a liquor warehouse owned by muretti. aldo drives to an ally to collect molotov cocktails genotti left for him. aldo then goes to the warehouse and sets it on fire with molotov cocktails. several guards attack aldo but he is able to kill them. aldo is to flee the scene afterwords. the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $300.



Mission #13 death row

sonny learns their boss angelo genotti was the one who ambushed the liquor deal with the lupisella crime family in order to steal the money and the liquor. he informs aldo of this and they form a plan to assassinate genotti. they drive to genotti's favorite restaurant and form a plan to call the restaurant from a phone booth across the street and ask for genotti and shoot him through the window when he answers the phone. they do so but instead of genotti answering the phone its another man answering explaining genotti isnt there but sonny who is at the window thinks its genotti and takes out his thompson and kills the wrong guy. aldo tells him its the wrong person and they both flee the scene and the mission ends.



Mission #14 rub out

after sonny and aldo's cover is blown the two drive to genotti's estate and assault his mansion killing most of his bodyguards. eventually a gun battle ensues between genotti himself and aldo along with sonny. they eventually injure genotti and walk over to him and finish him off with a bullet to the head, taking control of his business and mafia empire.




Mission #15 shakedown

aldo andolini, having taken control of angelo genotti's mafia empire, decides to make sure businesses on his turf are paying protection money. aldo drives around the city to extort businesses to make sure they are paying protection money. each time extorting businesses aldo intimidates the owners to continue paying protection money. after all is done the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $400.



Mission #16 rigged to blow

after learning all top guys including the boss of the muretti crime family are having a meeting at a restaurant aldo decides to put a bomb in a brief case and then drive to the restaurant. once aldo arrives, he sets the bomb before entering the restaurant. he then walks in while all top guys of the muretti crime family are sitting at a table eating. he leaves the briefcase with the bomb in it under a table rushes out back to his car. a man sees him leave the briefcase in restaurant and picks it up and attempts to return it to aldo but as he is about to go outside the bomb explodes, blowing up the restaurant and killing everyone inside. aldo flees the scene. the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $400.



Mission #17 back in business

when sonny informs aldo of an oppurtunity to start a smuggling business. they drive to an airfield in the countryside and aldo purchases it. aldo then sets up a smuggling business at the airfield. the mission ends with aldo being rewarded $600.



Mission #18 no escape?

aldo andolini, after purchasing the airfied for a smuggling business, plans on robbing a bank and drives to the police station and breaks locksmith ray scapra out of police custody and drives back to the compound. the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $600.



Mission #19 the shootist

aldo, preparing for a bank job he is planning, drives to a shooting range outside the city and meets a hired gun and who proves himself to aldo. he is then accepted for the job and the mission ends.



Mission #20 the driver 

sonny informs aldo of a getaway driver he found. aldo meets the driver at a track in the countryside. the driver proves himself and is accepted for the job then the mission ends.



Mission #21 the job

after getting everything ready for the job, aldo and his crew drive to the bank and walk in armed with submachine guns and hold everyone at gun point. the break the safe and obtain all the cash but a security jumps up shoots the getaway driver killing him. aldo then shoots the guard to death. the gunshots alert everybody outside the bank and the police are called four police cars show up and the crew rushes to the car with aldo having to drive due to the getaway driver being killed. they manage to lose the heat and they drive to a safehouse and the mission ends with aldo being rewarded $1000.



Mission #22 the numbers business

aldo sees an oppurtunity to start a numbers business so he drives to a private office for sale a purchases it. then he sets up a numbers business in it to profit from. the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $700.



Mission #23 the liquor business

aldo decides to start a bootlegging business so he drives to a warehouse for sale and purchases it and sets up bootlegging business. the mission ends and aldo is rewarded $800.



Mission #24 tax evasion note: before starting this mission the player must have 10 racket businesses set up

aldo heads to his bootlegging warehouse and finds his head manager beat up. aldo asks him what happend and learns toni his old boss is trying to tax his businesses since aldo has been growing independent from toni. aldo then drives around and kills the collectors. once everything is done the mission ends with aldo being rewarded $1000.



Mission #25 keep your friends close

aldo learns toni is coming to Carcer city. he plans to give him counterfit money to make him go away. when toni arrives aldo attempts to give him the counterfit money but toni knows his plan and it turns out sonny joined forces with toni after feeling underappreciated by aldo. enraged at his betrayal aldo attempts to kill toni and sonny which a shootout ensues and aldo runs to his office and grabs his gun. a wave of toni's men assault the mansion and kill all of aldo's men. aldo then kills a bunch of toni's men and kills sonny. one last fight with toni and his men ensues when more of aldo's men show up and kill toni's men. then aldo ties up loose ends once and for all by killing toni. after the battle aldo orders his men to clean the mess up. the player can now choose one of two endings. 


ending A                                                                                                                                                      ending B

aldo gives up his life of crime and uses the money                                              aldo remains as the boss of his organization.

to buy a ranch in the countryside and start a new life                                          the final cutscene shows aldo explaining

away from the city. the final cutscene ends showing aldo                                   he will remain king until his death.

driving away from the city to retire from his life of                                                  the cutscene ends and the credits roll.

crime. the cutscene ends and the credits roll.   








melee:            Pistols:                           Shotguns:                     Submachine guns              Rifles                         Other:        

knife                          S&W model 10                               double barreled shotgun                   thompson m1928                              M1917 Enfield                         browning m1917      

bat                             Webley MK VI                                browning auto-5                                MP-18                                               winchester model 1892                                            

crowbar                     Colt pocket positive                        lupara                                                                                                         Browning automatic rifle                                           

hammer                    S&W model 10 snubnose               winchester model 1897 riot                                                                                                                                                          

meat cleaver             m1911                                            winchester model 1912 riot                                                                                                                      explosives:                                     

shovel                       remington 1866 derringer                                                                                                                                                                                  grenade

tire iron                      FN browning model 1903                                                                                                                                                                                  molotov

hatchet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                dynamite

pool cue                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              sticky bomb

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            jerry can      



Empire building:

just like the vice city games this game has empire building which is now more in depth. to takeover an illegal business go to a building owned by a rival gang and attack it kill all the guards and destroy whatever is inside. then you choose what business you want it to be. profit depends on the business. you can purchase a building site and build a building to use for business then choose what business you want it to be. or buy a building and choose what business you want it to be. for extra profit you can extort business on your turf. their will also be racket management missions depending on what the racket is.




fronts: boat dock, warehouse.


numbers business

fronts: private office.



fronts: private office



fronts: meat packing plant



fronts: warehouse, airfield, boat dock.



fronts: airfield, boat dock, warehouse.



fronts: hotel



fronts: casino, speakeasy. 




New features:

bodies can be picked, moved around, and put in cars. 

extra weapons can be stored in cars.

this game will also have an interaction system like red dead redemption 2.

gangsters can be recruited similar to grand theft auto san andreas.

small buildings can be destroyed.





logo designed by gtaforums user: strange

story designed by me

weapons designed by me 

empire building designed by me

new features designed by me



                                        thank you for reading. if you have any questions or comments leave them down below.










Edited by jcole

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any feedback

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Good start, would like to see more details about some of the different rackets and features, maybe expand on them a bit. And add some artwork to it or maybe even a map.

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update: 5 more missions have been added to the mission list and racket info has been updated.

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14 hours ago, 89'Classic said:

Good start, would like to see more details about some of the different rackets and features, maybe expand on them a bit. And add some artwork to it or maybe even a map.

i will probably try to make a cover for it sometime in the future.

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new update: story and mission list has officially been complete.

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