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The Crows National MC


Recommended Posts

The Crows National MC



Who are we?

               We are a 1% rule following, free aim only, xbox MC. We are made up of a few guys who have been in the MC community for a number of years. Granted, right now, our numbers are few, but we will grow!

What we offer…

                We are an extremely casual MC. We all know that people have jobs and family events, vacations, etc. We don’t make prospects go through a 4 week prospecting period. Gaming and GTA is supposed to be fun. We will ‘war’ or TDM with other MCs out there and make some money completing heists and jobs.

Who we are looking for…

                Individuals who are willing to have fun, get into a few scrapes, make some money and make some new friends. Age must be 17 years and older. Ladies, feel free to stop by and talk and hang out with us. We want quality members. Take a few extra minutes out of your busy day to get to know us.

What we are not looking for….

                People who want a quick patch need not apply. Poor attitudes need not apply. People who aren’t willing to have fun need not apply.

How to get ahold of us…

                Simply download Discord and get ahold of Joe Rumm, the Prospect Manager or Rithe Nova, the President of the Club.

Discord info:

Rithe Nova: Rithe Nova#3018

Joe Rumm: Joe Rumm#9944


Social Club links

Prospect Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/crows_mc_prospect/wall

National Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/crows_national_mc/wall

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