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Just tried to sell my guns, it was that mission that makes you drive to 5 drop offs and fight hordes of merryweather. 2nd drop I had to chase someone down because they were driving away and got attacked by a bright red hydra. I quit without thinking about it because I knew even if I did kill him I had 3 more drops and I had to kill a bunch of merryweather. meanwhile it takes like what, 2 seconds for the deathbeam to destroy the cargo? 


I was about to get on something else when it stuck me just how stupid this whole situation is. I love GTA because I cant play it because of sh*t like this, and it makes me want to play it less and less. Like I said I wasn't getting back on after that.  The biggest problem is im no longer mad at Rockstars incompetence because I dont care, n the same can be said for most of the people I know that still play. I tried to play some of the featured adversary modes and therye dead, even tiny racers was active when it was 2x money. But no one is playing because no one cares, even the tryhard that tried to kill me was doing it half assed. 


People talk about the "Death of GTA online" all the time and its something ive never taken seriously because obviously the game is doing well. But after Arena wars, GTAs attempt to really go pay to win, I just haven't been playing much. And that DLC shows that they haven't learned from their mistakes because on top of being the greediest DLC to date its also full of classic dumbsh*t. I mean the whole dlc might as well not have even happened because no one plays the gamemode and the cars are fun toys but unusable in combat because of the opressors and hydras. Then theres the whole backwards progression system. 


The fact that you can say that GTAO is dying is just so stupid, it makes too much money and too many people love it for that to be the case. But the devs either want it dead or they think theyre too big to fail because the amount of dumbsh*t in the game in 2019 is ridiculous. Hopefully the casino DLC will be everything everyone wants but at this point it may be too late. Heres hoping they reboot online with GTA 6 ig

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Use the B&M topic.

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