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Grotti Vigilante

Which foreign setting would best suit GTA?

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The Coconut Kid
2 hours ago, SonOfLiberty said:

For an Australian themed GTA I think Melbourne would probably be the best bet. It has a long criminal history dating back to the early 1900s (Look up the 90s Melbourne Gangland wars). There's also the Italian mafia, Lebanese gangsters, Triads etc. Basically all the criminal organisations infamous in other countries just with an Aussie spin. As an Aussie I've always felt Australia isn't represented enough (Though Forza Horizon 3 helped) and I would love to see more games in my homeland.

I would pay good money for a 1980s Neddy Smith era Sydney. You could have Melbourne and Sydney with a "Rentakill" Flannery type character who zips between the two cities doing hits for the different gangs.


For non-Australians Neddy Smith was a 6ft 6 street fighter and armed robber handpicked by the New South Wales police department to run the heroin traffic into Sydney from Asia in the late 70s to 80s. He had something called the "Green Light" from the police to rob, beat and kill whoever he liked.


"Rentakill" as the name suggests was a psychotic hitman who came unstuck when he threw in with corrupt police to kill a detective who was planning to testify against them. He didn't succeed and the police offed him... or so they say.

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1990-ies Russia. I'd hate the tropical setting, but central Russia/Siberia would work just fine for me. R* will have some big shoes to fill though!










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Posted (edited)

GTA Tokyo? Think of all the Zaibatsu references they could make/bring back.

Driving on the wrong side of the road would be annoying though like it was in GTA London.

Edited by Yinepi

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7 hours ago, Standard Deluxe 59 said:

I think a GTA Tokyo would be pretty cool. They could hit a lot of nails on the head with that setting such as those wishing for an organized crime set up, extensive car customization, and underground street racing. 


Other places, Mexico City could work pretty good too as they could make a decent story driven game based around the power cartels there wield around their federal government. 


1990's Moscow or maybe Vladivostok. A lot of corruption in both cities post the Soviet collapse and therefore many avenues for organized crime.

Japan is way too safe to work as a GTA, even the possession of swords is regulated by law, Thailand may be the only Asian setting that might work for a GTA game. South Africa was an interesting suggestion.

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To me . i like america theme . Most of the biggest crime syndicates have their stakes in US .

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