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Shouldn't Los Santos Rock Radio be updated already?

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I know it's a very unpopular opinion but LSRR is the king of GTA rock radio stations. I know you guys don't agree but you gotta at least agree that it's a good station. VRock, yeah it's amazing, same with K-DST or radio x. K-DST is legendary but


LRR in GTA IV has some amazing classics too , like Jailbreak, The seeker, Edge of the seventeen etc. LRR in EFLC left me mind blown ever since the first time I listened to it because of how good the track selection is, ranging from Bon Jovi, Styx, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, to Mötley Crue.


There was no bad song in it, and then a bit higher up there's Los Santos rock radio. It's mainly composed of soft rock which fits the game map like a glove. It's almost cry inducing how beautiful it feels to drive during a storm or sunset through paleto bay or sandy shores listening to "If you leave me now", "What a fool believes" or "Circle in the sand", "Baker Street" And if you don't like this stuff, you're covered by upbeat songs like "Shadows of the Night", " Danger Zone", "I can't wait", or " Rock'n me", the legendary "Carry on Wayward son" Honestly, it isn't a perfect station. Subjectively speaking, I'm not a fan of Bob Seger or the version of Black Velvet they chose but it's still fitting so I can't complain; what I can complain about though is that they haven't updated the station since 2014. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, Rosanna by Toto, Hotel California or I can't tell you why by Eagles, Sailing by Chris Cross would be great, fitting additions in accordance with the genre.


I'd love to hear your suggestions as well. I'm aware that they are probably not updating it because no one cares about LSRR but it's a nice topic for discussion.



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LSRR is highlighted as a classic rock station, from the 70s to the 80s, so any chance of recent rock music won't be added, which is a shame.


LSRR is definitely an underrated station that not many have thought about updating, because it's tough to find good songs to add relevance to the stations purpose, whatever that might be. 


Vinewood Boulevard Radio is my only favourite in the game, but that is an indie rock station. 


Radio Broker was good in GTA IV and its episodes, but there arent many that I'd put on my all time list. 


But I still await a 2000s alternative, pop or rap rock radio station. NFS Most Wanted had more than 8 really good songs (in my opinion) of all genres, and between 2000-2008, there were some great songs being churned out from all sorts of rock groups. 

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