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Alfred E. Neuman aka mad magazine wont be published anymore

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Mad Magazine will vanish from newsstands after 67 years



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You might want to explain to all the young kids what a newsstand is.

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newsstand is were you buy the comics, cross words, news magazines like time and the naughty pron at 

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Huge fan.  Grew up with MAD and had a subscription up until William Gains died.


I've got tons of hardback books concerning MAD.


Here is half of my magazine collection.  Just saved for posterity.

*live shot.


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Vega LVI

It’s a shame, but I guess we have to accept that comics (all print for that matter) are going by way of the dinosaur.


I remember being bought a few MAD compilation books as a kid and spending hours reading through them. Amazing stuff on those pages. They’re probably still somewhere in my parents’ house. I’ll try to get around to posting some pics if I manage to find them.

Edited by Vega LVI
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Mad is/was crazy satirical.  I got my subscription as a xmas gift when I was maybe 8.   When I hit my late teens and early 20s is when I really appreciated it.   William Gains was beyond a great man and a great boss.  If you ever get a chance to look into his life of early comic books and then MAD; you should.   


That is why MAD is called MAD "magazine" and not a comic.  Back during during the Mccarthysim era they started to put warnings on comic books.  They were thought to be evil.  So...just call it a magazine and no worries.


Gains used to shut down the whole production and take everyone on these lavish, exotic vacations.  How f*cking greatis that?


Again.  He was a wonderful man.  I sense he was one of the last of 'em.

Edited by trip
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