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The MANTICORE Foundation


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Welcome to the MANTICORE Foundation



Who are we?


Despite our rather menacing name, we are just a group of players that want to do their CEO/MC work away from the complete chaos that are the GTA Online PC pubblic sessions. Our platform is PC only and we are still a small community but we are growing at a steady peace!


What do we expect from you?


Essentially, you have to follow the rules we have on our Discord server. They are basically anything you would imagine if you are a mature person, so don't expect surprises there. Also there are no age, sex or culture limitations, you can join and stay with us as long as you follow our rules.


What can you expect from us?

  • Help with any CEO/MC activities (Including Bunker and Nightclub sales, even in public sessions if you want that sweet bonus pay);
  • Help with OG heists and Doomsday heists;
  • Help with unlocking anything you may need (Car upgrades, colors, etc.)
  • Immediate defense support for your activities from any incoming danger if the need arises.
  • Advices from our team of veteran players to get every player to their maximum profits capacity.


How can I join your community?

  1. Join our Discord: https://invite.gg/mtcr and write to the crew leader or one of the Commissioners about yourself.
  2. Request to join our crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/manticore_foundation/
  3. Also if you don't want to join our crew yet but you still want to play with us you can ask to be added as a crew friend.
  4. Also try to be active on our Discord, everything is easier that way.
Edited by Dark_Razar
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3 hours ago, DatCoolCollie said:

Here's the question: Xbox, PC, PS4?

They're on PC. You're welcome good sir.

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While there is the "PC" flair there, perhaps I should also add that bit in the crew description.

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