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final big gta v online updates


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as we all know gta 6 is coming at some point . 


with the sucess of five it going to happen. 


online with next gen and cloud gaming will be a step from current online  


i think the next gta  will be the east coast lc and vc via the deleted pastebin . 


anyway with making rdr online updates gta 6 and possibly bully 2 . 


i think you will only see one major update a year from now on . 


one in summer and a more minor one in the winter  like the southern san andreas race update in march last year.  


after gta 6 comes out in hopefully 2021 could be 2022. 


you will still see event weeks and discounts. 


some minor updates like simeons car missions . 


but thats it . 


so that leaves two to three major updates left not counting the casino update. 

first one i think next summer will be the cops n crooks update. 


this update has been in the making since the start of online why rockstar scrapped it who knows. 

but as we know they love to resuse old content . 

this update i could see a sort of team battle royale update with turf war elements the cops have turf the gangs have etc. 


next big update will be think an import/export update part 2 . 


fair to say one one of the most popular ever updates. 

and certainly a part 2 as a last big update would be welcome maybe you could import/export planes boats etc. 


could be only two more major updates 


say gta 6 is released in 2021 could see this two updates next year if say gta 6 is released in the summer of 2021 . 

or in 2022 with a last major dlc in winter 2021 . 


a naval update could happen the ocean has never been used to the full extent so could see this. 


would love ideas from the community of what they think the future updates will be






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10 minutes ago, gfh12 said:

would love ideas from the community of what they think the future updates will be



Then you'll love this thread!



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This topic is such an amalgamation of GTA VI speculation and DLC speculation... Please use the dedicated thread, as above, thank you.


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