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Get steering wheel angle?

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Hi all,


I've been trying to reliably find the steering wheel angle, to use in my scripts. Not the wheels, but the steering wheel in the cabin. For now I've somehow stumbled upon a way to find the address of the thing, but not how to get there from the current vehicle address. Someone with some decent RE skills can help me along the way?


What I did in Cheat Engine to find the value:


1. Throw in my vehicle address in the dissect struct window

2. Go to VehAddress + 0x994 (steering angle)

3. Find out what accesses this thing

4. From the results, disable the instructions and fiddle with the steering until one instruction disables the steering anim but doesn't disable steering

5. Look at the thing in the memory window

6. Look at where the value is retrieved and used later

7. Disable that instruction to sanity check the thing


That ended up resulting in finding an instruction that copies the retrieved value from [VehAddress + 0x994] to an xmm register and then to [??? + 0x238], which is the steering wheel rotation address. (for future reference, this is on 1604)


Poking around more didn't yield many clues to follow up on. I tried dissecting data/struct on the ??? address, but that didn't make me any wiser. Tried a pointer scan but all offsets it returned didn't ring any bells with me (nor did they match up with pointers in what the dissect window claims Vehicle has).


Anybody got a clue where I need to start looking? I'm pretty sure I just have no idea where the vehicle-drawey-stuff is stored.

Edited by ikt

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So just an update for future reference - I used some of alexguirre's VehicleGadgetsPlus code to retrieve and set the steering wheel bone angle.

Edited by ikt

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