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MOTW #139: Voting


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  1. 1. Voting time folks

    • XzeuX :-----> How to live in the 1900s
    • GrooveX :------> Cowboy Hero'cs
    • Roxie:------>Grey Wolf
    • Alwafi:----> To 1896

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This week's missions were interesting to say the least. Here are my thoughts on each mission:


How To Live In The 1900's stretches the theme a bit. I would say it is more cowboy or biker themed than western (There are many differences -like who the hell says "Bro" in western movies). Everyone is riding bikes, this definitely did not exist in the early 1900's. The brothers seem to be poor and tight on money, yet it seems robbing is such a trivial task for them that its almost like they rob every morning. They even don't care about their bike, implying that they can just steal one whenever they want so how are they still poor.


Disregarding its thematic issues.. The mission was easy and short. The bikers were few and there wasn't much cover. A sequence where you escape with the car while the bikers chase after you would be great. Overall, it was average. 5.5/10 for a mission in general, but 3.5/10 for a western mission.


Cowboy Hero'cs does what the previous mission did, but pumps it up to eleven. The mission is very far from western in my opinion. The entire setting is out of place. There are bank robberies, people are driving bikes and cars in the countryside like it's nothing while talking on phones and firing from fully automatic weapons. The bank robbers take money out of a freaking ATM. There are police officers in western towns? Historically, they only had sheriffs and marshals.


To be fair, the mission was fun. The battles were well-paced, not too hard but also challenging. There were lots of places to take cover and infiltrate the cowboys' base and also to defend against their reinforcements. The end did not make sense at all tough. The player is just a vigilante, the police officers (who shouldn't be there in the first place but eh' what can you do..?) wouldn't just shrug it off and thank them for murdering dozens of people.


If this mission was an entry in a western mission contest, I would give it a 7.5/10. However, as it is currently, it gets 2/10.


Grey Wolf sticks to the theme and adds some fun elements to it to make for a very well-made mission. Out of all entries, this is the one that sticks most to the theme. The setting is very clearly western, from weapons to characters and even the town. Billy the Kid is an actual person in real life, but his story is different from the one described in the mission which is fine since historical accuracy isn't required.


The battles were chaotic and very hard, but with patience and replaying the mission it is possible to find nooks and crannies to hide, and pickups to restore health. After meeting Billy The Kid and Dirty Dave, we get to a part where we have to use the rifle to kill some enemies. The enemies did not have the marker visible and their AI is very dumb so they'll sometimes get stuck somewhere not visible from the hill and the player has to go down to kill them. Most of the time though, they will just stand in the open field waiting to be shot in the head like some kind of Whack-a-mole game, this part was not as good as the previous one in all honesty. The draw duel scene looks straight out of a western movie.


Everything in the mission served the atmosphere, especially the soundtrack and the narration. While the mission is simply good as any other mission (I'd say 7/10), the realism and immersion in the wild west gives it a 9/10 for a western mission.


To 1896 is another one of Alwafi's wacky and weird missions, just like last MOTW's entry Flash!. The theme is western, but the mission is about time travel. At first, it was worrisome that the time is 1896 and our beloved time traveling scientist cowboy is stuck in the middle of the desert, conveniently enough though there happens to be a village just a few meters away from his crash landing site! The story then slows down the craziness a little bit, so we fight a few dumb gunslingers, make the locals mad, then steal a car. *//would play this over Tales of Betty Shore*


The shooting parts were ok, nothing special but also not bad. I like how having a car is seen as something very special, unlike other entries this week.


Now that I think about it.. the mission actually makes a lot of sense if you just imagine that the time travelling scientist knows nothing about how western life was like, and that he is the one narrating the story. I would judge the mission 4.5/10 without the theme, but for a western mission it deserves 6/10.


The missions were good, but there were some difficulties in fitting with the theme. Western is challenging to make work in GTA SA but Roxie's Grey Wolf proves that is it possible, so it is the one that gets my vote.


Note: Some people didn't know so I'll say it. Participants in MOTW CAN VOTE for other entries as long as their account has more than 20 posts and it older than 4 weeks. I recommend that participants vote for other people to make it more interesting and increase the number of votes.

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Well I amthe king of the weird missions here XD , Thanks for the review and i will make sure that your like my next mission in MOTW .

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Huzaifa khan

Seriously, this western style theme is one of my favourite theme in recent times. That's why I never lost in previous western themes and win all 3 out of 3 times. But right now my mind is complete f*cked up in designing missions unfortunately. :D :colgate: ;)


Here it is some of my greatest victories in recent Western themes:


MOTW # 90

MOTW # 41


Btw, Congrats to ROXIE. And all those who participate in the contest and make it fun. :^:

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