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Rare NPC cars wheels bug and/or garage oddity


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Oh ye wiser, halp.


I finally had time to relocate and rearrange all my PVs, and noticed some surprises with my "rare NPC cars". Namely, some rare NPC cars' wheels had lost their special tint (usually gold), while others had not.


For example, I have all five green Families gang cars and five mixed-colored Un-Affiliated gang cars in the same 10-car garage in Eclipse. Four of the five Un-A gang cars spawn with golden spokes, but only Matte Green Buccaneer had lost them and was now with chrome. 




Another example, I have both Dubsta 2s in the same NC garage, and Gold one had lost the golden spokes. (And what's with the NC lighting - just look at my rare sh*t Dubsta 2).



Also the Surfer with banana colored wheels had lost the special color.


I tried to fix these by seeding new copies of the cars and replacing the old cars with fresh spawns and spokes, but the wheel tone stayed only until game was closed. After reboot both cars' wheels were back to chrome.



So, is there any way to avoid this reverting and keep rare spawns as they spawn? Or are said vehicles just coded to lose the wheel tints (while some others get to keep their special wheels)?


Any wild theories are welcome!

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You're on PC, it's a bug that's been around for years.

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27 minutes ago, whywontyoulisten said:

You're on PC, it's a bug that's been around for years.

But is it a bug tied to some specific vehicles/spawns or can it be avoided, for example, via garage arrangements? :)

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23 hours ago, jargonaut said:

But is it a bug tied to some specific vehicles/spawns or can it be avoided, for example, via garage arrangements? :)

Good question. 

The only thing I can suggest really is to let the vehicles have their wheel colour changed by the game, and then take the vehicle into the Arena Workshop or wherever else the "colour stock wheels" glitch works and seeing if that's a close enough effect. Hardly ideal I know, but I'd be hoping some more options for wheels come in the future anyway. 

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