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Which is better? GTA San Andreas or RDR2


Which is bettEr? SA or RDR2  

76 members have voted

  1. 1. SA or RDR2

    • San Andreas
    • RDR2

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Mister Pink

San Andreas and RDR2 are my two favourite Rockstar games and 2 of all-time favourite games. Both of them are equally brilliant. One isn't really better than other IMO, they're both genius in their scope and execution. Both maps are varied, and push the boundaries of map size and versatility. Both of the games are landmark games in videogame history. 


The sheer scope of San Andreas is insane. When I read a preview of a game being so big, it's not just one city but multiple cities and towns in between, my imagination went wild. The sense of progression is insane. The story is brilliant. You have one antagonist, Tenpenny and meanwhile a cockroach in your own inner-circle. Character progression in the game is amazing. Rewards for progression is great. .Anyway, the level of innovation in San Andreas was not only phenomenal for GTA but for games in general. So many new things did San Andreas introduce; swimming, flying, betting, casinos, car impound, fighting styles, RPG elements and morphing physical attributes based on your fitness and weight, camera/photos, climbing,  multiple cities, spreading fires, pool game, large-scale home-property purchasing,  motorbikes, swimming, parachuting, stealth, car modifications, BMX/bicycles, territories to take over, home burglaries and more interactive collectibles (spray-tags). It was insane at the time. There was always something new to find or unlock in that game hours and hours later. So much to discover. If you were obsessed with GTA and you had San Andreas there were endless new things to find. Also, it was great that it played on real events (L.A. riots) and had very definite style and influence from great films like Boyz In Da Hood and Menace II Society. 


RDR2 to me is a masterpiece. Some people think it was slow. I really don't get that. Maybe if you are used to watching superhero films and playing CoD, you might think RDR2 is slow. I get that. To me playing CoD, it's almost too fast, like ADHD stuff. MTV edits style or like those annoying YouTube videos with edits/cuts every 5 seconds. Or maybe if you are into linear, story-driven PS games - they may play out like movies, short and swet.  But RDR2 plays out like a big TV Series like Boardwalk Empire. RDR2 is like a grand western drama and a true story of the humanity and redemption. It also like a commentary on the dangers of blindly following and worshipping leaders. They can and will be corrupt and don't always have the best interests of their people first. Morgan's character arc was amazing. I really felt for that guy. I was so invested in him. Morgan wasn't this character that was try-hard wanting the gamer to like him. He was that understated, mostly calm and thoughtful and reflective guy I've always wanted in a Rockstar game. RDR2's map gave me San Andreas vibes. It's the moving around. It's the outlaw life. And wherever you settle down, it feels like your home, only momentarily. Moving around the map felt purposeful like it did in San Andreas. I missed that in GTA V. The synergy between map and story was out of whack in GTA V. But the synergy between map and story in RDR2 is perfect. And then mediator between the map and  the story is Morgan. He's hunts, fishes and crafts from the land which ties him closer to this map. The map is there to be explored and it rewards you. 


I've completed San Andreas about 6 times and I 100%'d it. I've only completed RDR2's story once and it took me nearly two years. Yes, I had long gaps between plays. It's not the fault of the game. It's too big and rich just be burned through, IMO. It probably took me about 1 year or more to finish San Andreas too. Because I'm a stop to smell the roses mothafaka. But I also think it's more realistic that such events in a video game big like SA or RDR2 would take place over a year or two and not in a month or a whatever. But I've only played RDR2 once. It's not because it's bad or worse. There was just so much detail and I didn't want to miss anything in that game. I didn't want the story to end. 


I'll reply RDR2 when I get a 4K TV. Probably in the summer on my Series X. It all ready looks stunning as does RDR1 on Series X. Both games are 4K. Maybe I'll start a new game with RDR now so it's like me playing a sequel. 


San Andreas is it's own bonkers story when it gets to The Truth and FBI stuff. But the core story is a humane story between friends, drug addiction, corrupt institutions, street violence etc. And RDR2 is a very much that humane story again. RDR2 is probably the best western story ever told as no film has the ability to be so immersive and detailed and interactive. It can tell a millions stories just visually. Finding a burnt out home or rummaging through a dead couples old house. These are all micro-stories in huge living-breathing world that movies can't come near. Any fan of westerns movies, gamer or not, should buy a console or PC and learn to play RDR series and witness the greatness. I know it's huge and praised but I actually think the game is not just underrated as a videogame but as piece of entertainment too. I think they should have plans to upgrade/remaster and preserve this masterpiece so generations can witness its sheer greatness and experience for themselves. 

Edited by Mister Pink
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