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How do you mod GTA SA Remastered for PS3?


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so far im able to access these files/folders and they are of course moddable: PS3data.obb, PS3DataMain.obb files located in Hdd0/GAMES in ps3 console. and this zip file PS3DataPatch.zip you are able to add modfications such as graphics/texture improvments and also custom map mods. but what alludes me is how this was done, a guy by the name of NELUxP MoDz made these mods check his channel youtube btw tho i haven't asked how because i am uncertain if he has quit.


Now Recently Vadim M has shown and said it is very very easy to make/use modded scripts on the PS3 version and even showed his custom script in game, with a picture on twitter. I asked him how he accomplished this, with no reply and i doubt i will get one which is kinda sad:(


so heres what to take note of, the GTA SA Remaster is a ported version of the Android version and that got ported to Xbox360 then PS3,

also i found a user of this website say that alot of android texture/graphic mods and script mods from the android version work on PS£3, i also tried contacting this user to ask how to do this, no reply and i doubt i will get one:/


so what ive got to ask is how do we use/make script mods for gta sa remastered ps3, i wonder if you can put a cleo folder in PS3DataPatch.zip or add a MainPS3.scm to data folder in the PS3DataPatch.zip to make script mods work but i always get an issue with sanny builder when i open MainPS3.scm on pc so i have don't no how to decompile/recompile the MainPS3.scm and i do admit i am no professional coder/programmer but i do have common knowledge in coding and only room for me to learn more:) so if any you guys can help i will appreciate it and ill link these topics to refer to for more information if you want through a pm as i am unsure if i can post external site links?:)



forgot to note that the PS3DataPatch.zip is found in this location on the PS3 Console: hhd0/game/blusxxxx

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