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GTA5 tabs me out when I click anything


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I just started playing GTA5 on PC through steam and noticed that sometimes I would get a glitch to where I couldn’t move at all and when I would press any key it would tab me out to the windows screen or Cortana would pop up. Also, if I clicked f some weird screen would pop up. It’s very annoying and now it won’t let me play the game at all. Anyone else with these problems?


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Just a wild guess, but sounds a bit like you have taskbar set to be always on top or locked or always visible or something, and when your mouse cursor is close to the bottom of the screen and you click you access something outside the game. Try checking and disabling all such functions and sneak-peaks or whatever and running the game in full screen mode. 

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Yeah, or try pressing ALT + Enter and / or playing in Fullscreen Mode. 

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  • 1 year later...

Its so anoying , when i am playing the game it wont let me switch tabs , in fact it lets me go to chrome but when i get back to the game its a black screen for like 30 seconds and sometimes i can play after that sometimes it quits itself , if someone has an answer please help me i cant use my pc like that 

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@b1n1 If you want to be able to alt+tab make sure you play the game windowed, if you run it fullscreen the game will minimize, wich causes it to go into some weird type of pause & that causes the problems you describe when you go back to it, if you run it windowed this should not happen. If it still does this when you already play windowed then start giving us more details about your PC so we can try figure out what else goes wrong (theres a small chance that the game is pretty much maxing out your cpu/gpu, and when you start messing with other programs like chrome the game just nopes out because your hardware is busy with other software? for that matter having chrome open usually costs me like 15-20 fps)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think suicidal_banana's answer has you covered.

My immediate thought was that you were maxing out your RAM, possibly CPU.

FYI there are some very good alternative less resource heavy browsers available which may solve your problem, Chrome is one of if not the most hardware demanding browsers you can use.


Edit Sorry did not realise the last post was 2 weeks ago my bad.

Edited by MechanicMammal
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