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The Time Ranger

Weird, Bad and Pointless Plot Lines

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The Time Ranger

So in a show or movie there are usually always several smaller sub plots running parallel to the main story, some of these flesh out the storyline and add depth to the characters involved, but some are just pointless, bad, or weird. What plotlines for you just didn't work well?

There will be some minor spoilers for certain shows below this.


For me the Sand Sharks from Game of Thrones, it felt like B movie fare, from the fight scene which looked meh to the famous "bad poosi" line, it was a bit cringe. 


From Battlestar Galactica there's fat Lee Adama, for those who are unaware Battlestar follows a war between humans and a robot race they created who rebelled called the Cylons. So Lee Adama is a compedent and capable officer, a man of principle. There was a plot line where the humans hadn't seen combat for about a year and they had become complacent, to show how they had gone from battle ready to unprepared Lee Adama got fat.


This is totally out of character and also quite selfish as he is getting fat on the last supply of food that humanity has, rations are being reduced and he's gorging himself. Also the terrible fat suit which looked like a pillow under his uniform was a sight to behold.


At least they later referenced the silliness of the situation and had him lose the weight a couple of episodes later.

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Algonquin Assassin

In Fast 8 when Dom goes "Rogue" then after all that he goes back to his family. It just felt like some weird and pointless attempt of trying to make him seem like the bad guy, but then he goes right back to where he was anyway? WTF? And I wasn't a fan of how Shaw became allies after like spending basically the entire last movie trying to kill them all and being responsible for Han's death all along. 


It was that point I realised The Fast & The Furious franchise had jumped the shark and ran out of ideas. I wish they just ended it with Furious 7. 

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Guest Billy Russo

That time in 24 when Kim Bauer was up against a Cougar...riveting stuff



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