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[SA] Daytona USA soundtrack for 8-Track ambience (both Arcade & Saturn ver.)

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Posted (edited)


So, I've been asking this question myself. Why there's no one making a clean Daytona USA soundtrack on 8-track.
with ambience noise and reverb that fits the game atmosphere?

Since I've never found any, I have decided to make one myself, created using clean rip of Daytona USA Arcade soundtrack

converted from a Yamaha YM2151 PCM chip .vgm log, Daytona USA on Sega Saturn soundtrack from

numerous sources (Sonic Retro, vgm-rips, etc.) and then did some "nasty" things

on Audacity using multiple plugins from the past. It loops perfectly.

You'll need Alci SAAT GUI Frontend.
Instruction on installations is availabe on the readme file on the either version.
Note: If Alci SAAT shows up "Error Opening Lookup file 'x'.", download this configuration for your Alci: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rjx6pn4jkav091f/FIX+ALCIS+SAAT+(JPX64).rar

Download links here:

Arcade version.
ZIP: Link (Mediafire)
7z:   Link (Mediafire)

Sega Saturn version.
ZIP: Link

7z:   Link

Known issues:

  • The same soundtrack would play on another, unrelated event stadium (e.g Blackfield stadium) because both shared the same stream (and I do not know how to separate them.)
  • The audio may sounds too compressed on higher end speakers, because I had to compress the lossless file so it can fit on GTA SA stream memory.






(c) 1993. Daytona USA and the Daytona USA logo is a product of Sega and is copyrighted.


Edited by BayuSumardi

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Posted (edited)


Edited by savidge
ignore previous comment lol, i dun goof'd

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