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The Co-op Storyline Maker Thread


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Firstly, you might be asking, What the f*ck is a "Co-op Storyline Maker". To resume it, i will give a example:

Person 1
GTA: Cityvilletown Stories

Johnny Cabronny was the leader of the biggest mafia from Cityvilletown, the Cabronny's, but, after his mommy died from drinking too much liquified hamburguers, he started cutting himself like a 13yr old girl.

Person 2
because of that, the rival gang from Cityvilletown, the Bollos, dominated almost all of the territory, with his brother, Tereso Cabronny.

And so on.
If you still haven't figured out how this topic works, i will expalin it in a different way, The first person tells the setting, the protagonists and some other necessary things about the storyline of the game, after telling it, the person can, write the prologue, or send the reply anyway, and wait for someone to write the prologue to him (lazy cunt...), anyway, after he sends the initial base of the storyline, it's time for person 2 to says the next part of the storyline, in this case, it would be the firsts missions in the storyline/game, etc...
I will also put a limit, of 30 replies for each storyline, couting the initial replie, also, there will be the list of complete storylines, so, you can read then all in this list, instead of searching them in the topic like a crazy ass man.

Have fun.

Edited by Mattineu
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