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When Worlds Collide

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It all happened in 2003 in the state of New Jersey. There was a 17-year-old boy who was six foot one, weighed 315 lbs, had brown hair, and blue eyes. His name was Troy Hart and was date of birth was May 28, 1986. He lived with a father who was an FBI agent and a younger brother named Dale who was born July 4, 1993. His father was born November 23, 1959. His mother was born August 9, 1960 and died in 2002.


With his father doing secret agent stuff for most of the day and his mother dead, he had a lot of stress in his life. He had to pick his brother up from school everyday after spending seven hours in school himself.


There was a girl his age whom he had a crush on. Her name was Angela Punchinello. She was born December 29, 1986, hard dark brown hair and brown eyes, and was in his math, science, history, homeroom, and English classes. Despite Troy being overweight and his quirkiness, he was really good at all classes except for gym. Angela always sorta admired him for that as she was also good at all classes except gym.


One day, Troy missed a basketball hoop outside in the courtyard. It bounced off of the rim and hit him on the head. He fell down. A lot of students were laughing at him, but Angela wasn't.


The gym teacher told him "Get up and either shoot hoops or run around the field!"


Troy chose to run and when he couldn't run really fast, the gym teacher shouted at him "That's not running!"


Angela then decided to stick up for Troy and told the gym teacher that it was a "cheap shot" and that "Troy couldn't help the fact that he wasn't athletic".


The gym teacher told her "Ya know what, missy? If you like that fatty so much, why don't you just date him?"


"I shall!" said Angela rather sternly as she ran with Troy and complemented him, telling him that he was "doing his best".


He thanked her. Angela also told Troy to just simply ignore all of the other boys who pointed and laughed at him for "running with a girl". Troy listened to her advice and by the time gym class was over with, he had, for once in his whole life, left gym class with a smile on his face.


After school, Troy told Angela that he thought she was pretty. "Aw, that's so sweet of you!" said Angela. Troy smiled and they went their separate ways.


When Troy was home with his father and Dale, his father asked Dale how his day at school was first.


"Well, I got in a fight over lunch money with Jeff but it was resolved at the end of the day" answered Dale.


"Good to hear it, especially with that classmate of yours whom you've had several on and off friendships with. What about you, Troy?" asked the father.


"Well, it never really happened until now because she stuck up for me at gym class but I fell in love with Angela Punchinello" answered Troy.


"Troy, you may want to reconsider your choice in friends or girlfriends" said his father somewhat sternly.


"What do you mean?" asked Troy.


"You know your father works for the government and doesn't want to raise any hoodlum, right?" asked his father.


"Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?" asked Troy.


"Listen, Troy, Angela's father is a mob boss named Salvatore Punchinello, head of the Punchinello crime family. As an FBI agent, I don't want to have a son who ends up with that crowd. It'll make my job even harder on myself than it already is" said his father.


"I won't be involved with any actual mobsters, don't worry dad!" said Troy.


"Troy, I know you're a smart kid. I trust you and you're a good kid. I also am aware that it was really hard on you, losing your mother but in this crazy world we currently live in, you just never know what. I love you and Dale with all my heart. Never forget that" said his father.


"I won't" said Troy. "Of course" said his father. Troy's father then cried a little, looked at a picture of his deceased wife, and said "If only you were still here, you'd know what to do".


Meanwhile at Salvatore Punchinello's mansion, Angela was with her mother named Maya as well as her mob boss father. She was talking to them about how she also fell in love herself with Troy Hart.


"Troy Hart, eh? Before you officially start dating, I want to get to know the guy a little better. Perhaps, you can invite him over to your dad's restaurant?" suggested Salvatore. "Of course!" said Angela. "I hope he's the right fit" said Maya.


The next day at school, Angela asked Troy if he wanted to come over to her father's Italian restaurant and that it served pizza, pasta, breadsticks, chicken wings, cafe, espresso, cappuccino, and Coca Cola products. "I love all of those foods and beverages and I will go but please keep this a secret: my dad is an FBI agent and he told me your father is a mob boss" said Troy. Angela also agreed to the promise and they swore with their pinkies.


After school, the two of them held hands and went to the Italian restaurant. There, they saw a mobster smoking a cigar right outside the door. "Hey! Angela! Who's this tubby boy you brought with ya?" asked the mobster. "His name is Troy Hart. He's a classmate of mine who recently fell in love with me. Troy, this is Vincenzo Malone" said Angela. Troy and Vincenzo shook hands then Vincenzo put out his cigar and said "Follow me, Troy and Angela". Vincenzo seated Angela with Maya then said to the two women "We're having just a bit of guy talk in the back room if you two ladies don't mind". "We don't" said Maya. "Don't worry. We will get Troy right back out as soon as we can" said Vincenzo. "Sounds good" said Angela. Vincenzo then gave her a thumbs up then took Troy to the back room.


"Wow! I didn't expect you to be such a big guy! My daughter is all of five foot six and 119 lbs" said Salvatore. "Very funny" said Troy. "Ha! I like your sense of humor. Sit down" said Salvatore. Troy sat down with Salvatore while Vincenzo stood by his right side and another mobster stood by his left side. "The name's Salvatore Punchinello. I know you met my daughter and just met Vincenzo but have you met my wife, Maya yet?" asked Salvatore. Troy shook his head. "We're like a family. The man standing to my left is the underboss. His name is Antonio. Vincenzo, here, is the caporegime. The other two sitting at the table with us are Ricardo and Roberto, both of whom are soldiers. Then there's my enforcer, Luca, who's always late to everything and it's kind of getting on my nerves!" said Salvatore.


"I second you in that, boss!" said Ricardo. "Me too!" said Roberto. "I know, right? I told him to meet us here not at four o'clock! Not four thirty, not four ish, but exactly four!" said Ricardo. Just then, Luca walked into the back room and said "Hey! I see you guys have a new friend! I hope he's not a cop or a fed". "Oh, shut up, Luca! He's too fat and young!" said Vincenzo. "You're also forty five minutes late. What's the deal?" said Antonio. "All of you! Quiet!" said Salvatore while pounding his fist against the table like a gavel.


The back room was then silent then he took a few deep breaths, and said "So, Mr. Troy Hart, can you be trusted?" Troy nodded. "Do you swear to not let a single word get out that we are members of the Mafia?" asked Salvatore. "Yes" answered Troy. "You're lucky a non-Italian like you would be allowed to be around this conversation because we like to call it Cosa Nostra. In English, it means our thing. If you're lying, by any chance, I'm telling you, it won't be a very good day for you" said Salvatore. "I understand" said Troy. "Of course you do, now go enjoy your first date" said Salvatore.


Troy walked out of the back room and had dinner with Angela and Maya. Maya was asking Troy about himself. Troy told her that he liked playing video games and reading books.


"My daughter loves reading books as well, though she's not much of a gamer" said Maya. Troy ate a whole pizza that came to him. Maya and Angela were amazed by how much he could eat and that neither of them could ever eat that much.


"I'm going home now, see you tomorrow" Troy told Angela. Once Troy was back home, his father was folding his arms.


"Troy, what have you been doing out so late?" asked his father. Troy gave his father the silent treatment. "I am going to repeat myself once and once only! What have you been doing out so late, son?" asked his father. "Just dating Angela" answered Troy. "Did you meet any mobsters?" asked his father. Troy shook his head. "If I find out you're lying, you are in big trouble, you understand?" asked his father. "Yes" answered Troy. "I love you, Troy. That's why I'm telling you this. It's because I'm concerned with your well being. If I ever found out you became an associate of the Mafia, I wouldn't know what to do with myself for the rest of my life!" said his father.


Not even a full day had passed by and both Troy and Angela were very scared of their fathers finding out the truth. Neither of them knew the consequences and were very scared to find out.


They even talked about it at lunch. At the end of the school day, Troy and Angela agreed to tell their fathers the truth, but they didn't part ways until they hugged each other while crying.


They also told each other that they loved each other. Once they parted, they looked at each other until they were both out of sight.


Once Troy was home, he told his father the skeleton in the closet, as did Angela once she got home.


"Troy, I am highly disappointed in you that I can't even think straight" said Agent Hart. "Well at least he told the truth at some point" said Dale. "Well, he should've been telling the truth to begin with! Continue defending your older brother and you shall join him in being grounded! As for you, Troy, no more Xbox and PlayStation for the rest of the time you live with me. Be grateful because it isn't for that much longer! I'm going over to my FBI building to gather more information on Salvatore's location! Dale, Troy, neither of you move a muscle!" said Agent Hart. He left, slamming the door shut behind himself.


Meanwhile, at Salvatore's mansion, Salvatore said "Maya, stay here. Vincenzo, Antonio, stay here and be alert for any feds knocking at the door. I need to talk to my daughter in private". He brought Angela into his game room, slammed the door, and locked it.


"Did you ALWAYS know Troy's father was a fed? And I hope to God that you're not lying!" said Salvatore. Angela nervously nodded her head. "Are you trying to get me and my boys caught or something?" asked Salvatore harshly.


"Listen, dad. We're in love. The gym teacher and the boys in school always teased him. I was the only one who was ever nice to him. It's as if I had no other choice" said Angela.


"Stay here and don't even THINK about moving a finger!" said Salvatore.


He pulled out his gun and said "I'm taking care of business with Vincenzo and Antonio! The feds should be coming any minute!" He then unlocked the door, opened it, and told Maya to get in with Angela. Maya ran in and Salvatore shut the door then locked them in. He then rushed to the center of the door, getting ready alongside Vincenzo to the right of him and Antonio to his left.


Agent Hart was with a few other FBI agents. They all had their cars' internal sirens flashing and making all kinds of sounds. Once they all parked in the driveway of the mansion, they all got out. An FBI helicopter even appeared in the sky above the mansion. Agent Hart then threw down his gun and raised his arms. "Open up, we come in peace!" he shouted. A few of his FBI buddies were looking at him strange.


Salvatore kicked open the door and was shocked to see none of the FBI agents firing. Vincenzo and Antonio looked at him, with Vincenzo saying "Boss, what is the meaning of this? Are you trying to get us all arrested or what?" Agent Hart and Salvatore both began crying while looking at each other in the eyes. Salvatore also laid down his gun and pushed it to the side.


"I can't believe our own boss is sucking up to the feds!" shouted Antonio. "Well, it's a good thing you're not the boss!" said Salvatore. Vincenzo and Antonio were both arrested by FBI agents as they were about to shoot Agent Hart and Salvatore. Salvatore then promised that he would reform. Agent Hart then decided to put Salvatore in the Witness Protection Program. Salvatore, Maya, and Angela had to move far away in Arizona. Agent Hart also sincerely apologized to both of his sons for being harsh on them. They both accepted his apology.


All the way until the end of the school year, Troy had missed Angela very much. However, he got accepted into a college in Arizona. Sure enough, at that college in Arizona, he met up with Angela and they were so happy to see each other!


Troy always kept in touch with Dale and his father. After Angela and Troy both graduated from college, they got married and currently have a son and daughter.


The end.

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