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Lags and folder problem

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I have some strange problem on my GTA SA installs (I have more then one installed) I can't rename the folders, if so Windows says it's open somewhere else, but I haven't..

Also, there's some strange lag like each 5 seconds that have never been there before.

I tried making a exception in AVG but didn't help.


Yes, a re-install helps, but since the problem comes again after a while, I rather wanna know the real solution and how to prevent it (if possible)

Plus, that I have so many SA installs...



Edited by Davve95

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Anyone? Now I just have the lag instead, and sometimes when I double click the icon it doesn't happen anything.

It just says Windows have changed color theme and I have to double click the icon again for it to start.

If I get into task manager and click processes I find SA there at least.

Sometimes it dosen't even work to kill the process.


Edit: The problem with chaning folder name were that the GTA SA folder was write protected somehow....

Edited by Davve95

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What is your system specs? What OS you are using? What mods you have installed?

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Windows 7. The specs is way over the requirements.

It's something software related and I also have used the same mods for really long. Without any problems.

GTA VC dosen't have any lag. Just all of my SA installs.

But like I said, it's something strange happening, because it won't start right away.

It gets stuck in the process if you check task window aswell

Edited by Davve95

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Use this mod and also hide GTA San Andreas from Games Explorer (usually in the Games folder in Start Menu). Same problem occured to me, but I can't help with lag if you have Quad Core or higher (when I had Dual Core, I had lag as well, fixed by setting only one core for GTA SA from Task Manager)

But you can try some "Lag Fixing" mods.

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Thanks for your reply! The lags have never been there before.

I finally fixed it!! AVG Antivirus screwed it up..... (giving it lags) oddly... and it came up a sh*tty

text saying "enjoy GTA SA without interruptions" so I switched over to Avast and now the lag problem is fixed!

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