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High FPS in single player, Low FPS online, Low GPU usage


Go to solution Solved by Jumper333,

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As the title states, I've spent months searching and trying different things/"solutions"  and so far nothing worked, I'm getting 150+ FPS in single player and under 100fps in online (60 or less in full public lobbies with 25 players or more) with low GPU usage, I've started experiencing these FPS problems right after the latest update earlier this year, It was around 300mb and was pushed without a Newswire post and it was supposed to be something about Steam(?) idk.



Non-Steam/Social club version of GTA bought from Rockstar store directly




No advanced graphic settings

All settings set to normal and/or off, All sliders set to the lowest setting (aka lowest possible settings from inside the game)



[email protected] (Yes, It's stable and max temps are 75c)

16gb (2x8) 1600mhz DDR3 (Yes, They're installed in the correct slots for dual channel with XMP profile set)

GTX 1080 (Installed correctly in the first 16x slot with the latest drivers and stable OC, max temps are 75c)

Samsung 840Pro SSD which hosts my Windows and GTA

Asus VG248QE 144hz 24" 1080p monitor 

Windows 10 Pro 64bit currently and Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit previously


FAQ answers:

Yes, I've cleared cache for both the game and windows and deleted the GTA folder inside the Documents folder.

Yes, I've verified the game files and reinstalled it on the old Windows 8.1 and on a clean Windows 10 install.

Yes, I'm using the latest drivers for all of my hardware.

Yes, I've checked the background processes in case they're eating resources and none of them do other than GTA.

Yes, I've checked the temps and OC settings, Temps, Fans, Fan curves, Bios settings, you name it.

Yes, I'm using high performance power plan.

Yes, I've set it to Max performance in the Nvidia control panel.

Yes, I've set the pre-render frames to 1.

Yes, I've set the Physx to GTX 1080.

Yes, I've tried with fullscreen, Windowed, Windowed borderless, No FPS difference in Online.

Yes, I've tried V-Sync ON and OFF, No FPS difference in Online.

Yes, I've checked my SSD performance and it's fine.

Yes, I've tried disabling hyper threading and it lowered my FPS.

Yes, I'm getting fantastic performance/high FPS in other games (old and new) without any issues.

Yes, I need more than 120fps because with 144hz monitor 60-80 FPS is not a pleasant experience, Specially if you add the FPS drops and general lag of full lobbies.

No, I will NOT upgrade my CPU and/or my GPU, I'm having performance problems with GTA and ONLY GTA.



What the actual f*ck?

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For those who didn't watch:

GTA V inherently has trouble running at high framerates. It is a console port afterall and I guess the developers didn't anticipate PC hardware that could run it at 188fps. The game's engine is horribly optimized, limited by your CPU's single-core performance, and won't fully use all cores. It shows low CPU usage UNTIL you check it per core, then you'll see. It drops FPS in Online with many players around because more stuff is going on around the map. More players means less FPS. Try an Invite-Only session alone, and you probably get same FPS as in story mode.

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