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There are 3 versions of this game on PSP. What are the differences?

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There are a couple of threads dedicated to these topics on III, Vice City and San Andreas but I couldn't find any for Liberty City Stories. 

For example, it's known Vice City removed a song in the second PS2 version and applied the censorship on the third version.

What changed for Liberty City Stories? Fixed game breaking bugs? Removed things as well?

The original release being 1.05, the secondary version being 2.00 and the final release as 3.00.


Source: http://redump.org/discs/quicksearch/liberty-city-stories/

Seems like the NTSC version did not get the 2.00 version of this game for PSP, unlike the PAL edition. Went from 1.05 (original) to 3.00 (greatest hits). Japanese version is most likely based off 3.00 due to it's late release date.


For those interested in VCS, the game only had one release per region on both PSP and PS2, so there isn't much to discuss there.

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Wondering what difference on versions.

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Nothing was changed in terms of content. I think these were mostly bug fixes. I don't have documentation on that though. 

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On 6/25/2019 at 10:33 PM, markusizr said:

Wondering what difference on versions.

Fairly certain they patched out a buffer overflow exploit which allowed you to downgrade your FW and run the cheatdevice. Dunno which version did this tho

edit: Oh look here -> 


Edited by YaBoiJK69

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