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(C#) Checking if pickup has been collected


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okay i figured out how to make them spin around, but now i've got a new problem... how can i check if a pickup has been collected? there's a function Hash.HAS_PICKUP_BEEN_COLLECTED(Pickup pickup) but when i try to use it, i get the following error: cannot convert from GTA.Pickup to GTA.Native.InputArgument

also, now that i've created the pickups, how am i gonna be able to declare them as variables (dunno how to explain it), for instance, if you create a pickup without using hashes, you just have to type: Pickup name = World.CreatePickup(parameters)... but nwo that i have Function.Call(Hash...) i can't just do it like Pickup name = Function.Call(Hash...) because it won't be able to convert void to Pickup

Edited by CR7_LM10_RVP20_SH1
solved the initial problem but came across 2 more lol
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I might be a little late, but you can try using the .Handle part of the call. Function.Call(Hash.HAS_PICKUP_BEEN_COLLECTED,myPickup.Handle);. I have also run into cases where it doesn't want what it says it wants for the Hash and you need to implicitly convert.

Ex. Function.Call(Hash.SET_CURRENT_PED_WEAPON,Game.Player.Character, (uint)WeaponHash.Unarmed,true); -- Works

Function.Call(Hash.SET_CURRENT_PED_WEAPON,Game.Player.Character, WeaponHash.Unarmed,true); -- Compile Error


You can also return items from a native with implicit conversions

int mode = Function.Call<int>(Hash.GET_FOLLOW_VEHICLE_CAM_VIEW_MODE);


The Native 



CREATE_PICKUP(Hash pickupHash, float posX, float posY, float posZ,
  int p4, int value, BOOL p6, Hash modelHash)


Returns a Pickup, so I would think it would be something like 


Pickup myPickup = Function.Call<Pickup>(Hash.CREATE_PICKUP, parameters here);

I hope this helps. 

Edited by notphoon
added second part
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