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Things casual gamers do that you (or any hardcore GTA fan) hate?

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30 minutes ago, Legion of Hell said:

Casuals who keep asking for R* to add San Fierro and Las Venturas in GTA V, even though R* only wanted to recreate Los Santos and the surrounding countryside and R* never EVER want to recreate SF and LV. Never was, never is, and never will 


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Legion of Hell
14 minutes ago, KingAJ032304 said:


Fixed now

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36 minutes ago, Legion of Hell said:

Fixed now



Edit: alright I see what you mean in GTA V/ONLINE yeah that does get annoying like it's so obvious.

Edited by KingAJ032304

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One thing that urks me is when people pass off those sh*tty GTA VI "leaks" and crap as fact, then go on to say stuff like "Oh GTA 6 is gonna be released next year" or some garbage. 

I hear people say it ALL THE TIME when the topic is brought up and I would put good money on them learning that either through a clickbait youtuber or an article from a BS website.

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On ‎6‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 7:54 PM, iiCriminnaaL 49 said:

Claiming that GTA San Andreas is the roots and standards of the series. It’s my favorite title in the 3D era, but that still doesn’t make it more of “roots” than any other title.

The roots is GTA3 isn't it?


Yeah I hate these motherf*ckers who say that GTAV is GTA without having played any other GTA games. Some bimbo bitch from Santa Monica believes GTAV is everything there is to Grand Theft Auto --- what the f*ck?




I never understood why chicks love GTAV so much anyway. Even my neighbours daughter ive been fantasizing about played this game.


Personally I don't like it when people who don't understand gaming at all ask stupid questions like what are you doing there until 7 am or urge to go to sleep, but how can you when you are playing GTA?


Every GTA  game is work of art. In my view no different than Shakespeares play or a good novel or one of Beethovens symphonies. So sometimes I take it personally when people tell me to stop it and go to sleep. Im like what the f*ck are you talking about , bitch?


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iiCriminnaaL 49
2 hours ago, LazlowsucksiloveslutS said:

The roots is GTA3 isn't it?


Well, it's actually the roots of the 3D era (obviously, since it's the first title among it). It was also the title that made GTA more popular than ever, regardless if GTA San Andreas (which is among my favorite GTA titles as well) captured much attention when it came out later.

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