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The Holy Diver

Most devilish crime you’ve ever committed

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I don't know what makes some people (usually lower levels) think they have the right to loot bodies they didn't kill.


First of all, I neither want, nor need your help in an ambush/hideout/camp defense/etc if the fight has already commenced. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the gesture. But there's a reason I went into that fight alone, and I'm more than capable of handling it myself. And it's not like you took the time to say hello, or send a friend request. You just intruded on something I was doing.


Secondly, just because you rode in with 3 people left to kill and killed 1 or 2 of them does NOT give you the right to start looting half the body count!


That has become more and more irritating these past few days/weeks. Today, I had enough. This lower level probably thought they were being helpful. They probably thought they were being friendly. But when they started looting MY BODIES, my being in defensive mode or not, they got the wrong end of my hot barrel.


I guess it's not so heinous a crime. It's not like I camped them or anything.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/20/2019 at 7:13 PM, wehweh01 said:

Sometimes I find someone waiting out a mission timer outside of the safety zone with a wagon. Bad move. I'll always attack and guard the wagon so they'll never deliver it. Their only hope is to use Paint It Black since all I do is Freeaim with Slippery Bastard.

Nothing really wrong with that.  They are fair game. And is isnt like they dont give you a spot to wait the timer out.  They clearly get a big protected area to wait.  Not sure why someone would wait outside of the protected area lol.

On 6/21/2019 at 12:24 AM, CarlyRaeJepsen said:

I love to wait by the butcher for players to come by with their carcuses and i steel them and sell them for myself and then run into the black water clothing store where they can’t hurt me until they leave and then I do it again 

I love those people.  Got to always shoot first. Dont wait them out to see if they are up to no good.  If they are standing by the butcher, I just assume the worst. Pop them in the head, sell my stuff, and trot off.

On 6/21/2019 at 3:52 AM, RayD70 said:

If I see anyone's camp, I drink their beer.


Fear me.

I will wash my face in their bucket too.



Not sure how bad this is, but I dont like to be the aggressor. So sometimes when I come across a poor cougar carcass, I really dont care too much about selling it.  So if I am bored I will stow it on my horse anyways and ride into town slowly hoping to bait someone into trying to take it from me, since they are unaware it is poor. The whole while my explosive bullets and dynamite arrows are all loaded up and ready to go. Just looking for someone to start a fight.  Or did I already do that?

Edited by chuckclc

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I was selling meat at Rhodes when some dude in a wagon dropped 2 perfect panthers by the side. He got on his horse and was riding around randomly so I just stood there trying to understand what he was up to. He rode off by the gun shop so i picked up a panther and sold it. When I came out the menu he was shooting me in my defensive mode. I kill him and sell the second panther. Easy $28. 

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Sometimes I make other players horses to flee. 😁


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Posted (edited)
On 6/30/2019 at 9:59 PM, Stupidis said:

Sometimes I make other players horses to flee. 😁


I do this every time they visit my camp.


The player whistled for it to return and I told It to flee. It ended up as an whistle-flee war 😂😂

Edited by TheLordMarvel

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Red Lynx 23

This. The Law in Valentine killed this player, so I picked up his corpse and tried to follow him into the general store with it. If only I had recorded his reaction to seeing it. He stopped at the door, and ran right up to me at the counter. 



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Leftover Pizza

I took a shot at another player...., I do that once in a while. 🤓

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Leftover Pizza

I hitch my horse right in front of Cripps at my camp, with it’s rear facing him. My horse’s tail keeps swagging into his face and whenever my horse raises it’s tail, Cripps gets the warm surprise. Oh, evil me...

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Red Lynx 23

This guy cost me a race, so....



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