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Mas u Sees

What do you think GTA VIs first Trailer song will be?

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Disregard every post in this thread


THIS should be the song for the official GTA VI trailer



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Mister Pink


(Please play the music as you read the description)


We see beautiful flowers blowing in the wind. Beaches, silhouettes of people on roller skates. It's beautiful. It's paradise. Cut then to the camera slowly zooming in to a in inconspicuous window of some beach front hotel.  Close up of a guy in slow motion punching someone off screen repeatedly. Blood spatter appears of his face as the camera keeps zooming in. He's kind of smiling but not quite. The camera zooms right in to his eye and the Vice City logo appears. 

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Big Fat Paulie

If the rumors of GTA VI being set in the 1980's are true, then I think this would be a perfect choice, especially if it's set in Vice City, if not for the reveal trailer, then for the main trailer that gets aired on TV.




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Some low iq white thrash EDM music or Some Blackphanter trap rap or some latino themed cholo idiot rap


instead of quality white music like john mayer or frank sinatra or quality black music like tom morello, jimi hendrix, gary clark jr or even some quality latin music like vamos a bailar 

Because today's society have gone mental no classy no more

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If it’s set in vice city again I bet you it’s a phill collins song 

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Mr. Galloway

Well, ever since VC, the first trailer uses an instrumental song (the only exceptions being VCS which uses "I Wanna Know What Love Is," and TLaD's "Dead Embryonic Cells"), so I'm sure that'll be the case here. So, my vote goes for this:


They should also use this song in any trailer after that:


Perfect if they do indeed revisit Vice City in the 80s.

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Things Done Changed -
Notorious B.I.G 

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