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What do you think GTA VIs first Trailer song will be?

Mas u Sees

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Powerful instrumental - not exactly this song but similar. 


Opens up to a dark night on a road by the ocean,  a 1983 Chevy Monte Carlo SS sits on the edge of the sand

- two characters inside sit silently, you hear pistols being loaded and slides run to check for jams.

- One says, “you sure you’re really ready to do this?”, “Let’s go” says the other.  They get out pop the trunk one grabs a duffle bag full of product.

-They begin making their way to a small dimly lit Havana bar with a neon sign in the window.  As he takes a few steps, the other pops him in the back of the head

- body falls into a cloud of dust. The other guy takes the bag, throws in into the car and speeds off throwing gravel sand. 

- camera moves from an overhead view of the dead body in the street to the dark ocean and moonlit sky.  

- cut to black-

-you see the title emerge “GTAVI”


-end scene. 

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part from 14:00 to 15:30



All of these songs contain music parts that you can match to what's happening on the screen to the song. For example, you can give a voiceover to the quieter part of a song or the most action-filled part of a video to match the loudest part of a song. Just like in the GTA V trailer.

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In my mind, the first trailer for GTA VI would keep the same structure as the ones of GTA IV and V (not that much voicelines, only a few shots involving the characters, but a lot of random scenes that introduces the setting and the vibe of the game, along with an instrumental music playing in the back). If GTA VI would set in a modern-day Vice City, I think this piece would be great :




Other tracks that would fit with a modern-day Vice City (those are electronic/nu-disco pieces, so pretty much inspired by the 80's)  :



This one is a bit more "trippy" and experimental, but still would fit in my opinion :



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On 9/19/2019 at 2:46 PM, Black_Jesus said:

Maybe not.

i'd actually like the idea. Just like the first 40 seconds of the song. As soons as the beat drops the gta 6 logo would surface

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And the band will make an appearance in the game instead of Love Fist.


Or they’ll get into a fight with Love Fist and kick their asses.

Edited by Gustavo Mota
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6 first song for its trailer has to be something that brings excitement, up tempo, and creates the right atmosphere for its theme and introduction.


I decided to bring you small scenarios why I chose these soundtracks and why I explain to with each one and why I think it fits this song. Usually R* trailers last about a 1 minute to 2 so concentrate the beat with what I write and paint a picture of it in your mind to understand. I chose these scarface songs cause of course its the 80s and if its in the present I think it too could be used just as a homage to the 80s.


She's on fire - This soundtrack for me creates atmosphere of the vice city nights, dancing, partying, people being out and about, having a great time and out right bringing the people of the night while showing various shots of vice city at night time. Just imagine in your head while you hear the beat. Shots of south vice beach, the malibu club people dancing on the dance floor, a guy in the corner snorting cocaine taking shots, everyone having the time of their lives drinking and dancing. Enjoying the excesses the night time brings, a shot of a john picking up a woman of then night dealing for her time. other shots show the neon lights and buildings of ocean drive. Or Shots of the sky scrapers at night with the neon lights, another shot  Followed by random men having a drug deal gone wrong and out nowhere a shootout commences.  our character driving a topless sports car switching lanes going 205 mph on the causeway looking at his rear view making sure he's not being followed going of into the distance. showing the logo. Cause thats what it is, Vice city is on fire



The right combination- For this song, I think its appropriate to show Vice city and how it will introduce the different parts of the wealthy, ghettos, swamps of the countryside, oceans and what it could possibly bring. listen to the beat and the lyrics, this song will bring an sublime message to the fans that they took so long to go back to VC after all these years. Just saying small sorry for all that time but it will be worth it. While trying to imagine all those areas And that they finally put everything together to bring the right combination that VC will bring and of course R*. You get to see the different ethic areas of the city, the animals in the wild, the underworld of the ocean,all while small shots of the character going through these places by plane.





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Guest Billy Russo

I'm going to say it won't be an actual 'song' and they'll have a new theme song for it. Maybe a remix on Vice City.


Because imagine how much the internet would explode.



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On 8/19/2019 at 6:37 PM, Ivan1997GTA said:

If the next game takes place in Vice City or the 1970's (or possibly both), I think the song for the first trailer should be "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John.



This choice is solid.

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