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Tutorial: Access cutscene interiors in freeroam

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I found this neat trick/glitch to access interiors such as Vincenzo's place down in Portalnd, and Sal's room that appears in Home Sweet Home

For this you'll need: Cheatdevice (CD), Debug menu (DBM)


1) Use the DBM to load up the mission you want, I'll use Slacker for an example here. Don't go into the mission, wait outside the mision marker

2) On you CD, deactivate the infinite health cheat and  use the water cheat to put the water just below your feet

3) Open the DBM and hover over 'Building Viewer'

4) Having still the DBM open, walk into the mission marker and when the yellow 'Slacker' text appears, enter the Building Viewer by pressing X

5) The mission will the glitched, it will play the cutscene but the screen wil show you above your safehouse

6) Press triangle to exit the Building Viewer and now you'll be inside the cutscene with the ability to walk around

7)  Open the CD and use the water cheat to drown yourself but putting the water above your head. You will drown within the cutscene and it will say missiom failed

8)  You will spawn at the hospital and the world will be glitched, simply go over to the  interior (Vincenzo's place in this case), and it will be loaded in freeroam for you to enter!


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Would there be a way for Mobile version, too?

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On 6/21/2019 at 6:13 AM, GTAFanLuca said:

Would there be a way for Mobile version, too?

Yes if you can get the debug menu on the mobile version. However I don't think you can

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