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The Time Ranger

Open Ended Missions

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The Time Ranger

So in my opinion some of the best missions are those which have multiple different ways to play through them. Freedom of choice to approach it how you see fit. Which are yours and how do you complete said missions.


i have a seperate save file with the mission Pest Control ready to go, there's so many ways to complete that mission. From sniping to blowing up the entire gas station with a rocket launcher. 

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I love the freedom of IV's missions, I try to find as many different ways as possible to complete every one of them 


It's not a big one but it just comes to mind, I like how in Escuela of the Streets you can enter the warehouse a) through the front door after shooting the lock as suggested, b) by climbing on the roof, grabbing the SMG up there and dropping through an open skylight or c) by smashing the window near the door and hopping in that way through the office or d) combine b and c by taking some enemies out through the skylight first, but then instead of dropping in going back and (discovering that the door is locked/un-openable now that they're alerted) going through the window. It's like, they didn't have to put that in at all and they don't even suggest it to you, but they did it anyway just to reward and encourage creativity.

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Late Checkout. I like how you can use the window platform to go up in the suite as opposed to going up through the lobby.

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I discovered this by someone that posted it in gta forums which is that in the mission have a heart instead of needing to drive to the dr in bohan you could dump the car in the ocean lol

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