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int_rest_main.dff object


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The original GTA SA object named "int_rest_main.dff" does not generate any collisions at all. It is also crashing 3ds max (other .dff files are imported good, the crash is in the above .dff file), this is the only one that does not load. What could be the reason for this? Can anyone fix it?






Edited by artginPL
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int_rest_main.dff is strange. I managed to place it in the outside world of a map TC. But it's long time ago and can't remember  about the issues. 


Another issue: col models of interiors won't work fine if object is placed in outside world.

I found out that they have a strange association with the file names. 

I. E. stadint.ide, stadint.ipl and standint.col have same name and if you place a object of stadint.ide in another ipl, it doesn't work fine. 

But if you rename stadint.col into stadium. col, it works. 


I suggest:

extract int_rest_main.dff, the associated txd and the col files, 

then rename the files and install it 

create own custom.ide and custom.ipl 

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I exported the model, texture and collision (from gen_int5_2), later I changed the names of these three files to the same (kawa) and I added them to img archive, and I added new lines to ide and ipl. Unfortunately, it did not help. Everything is okay in the game, but it does not show in MapEditor.

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yes, it's not shown in MEd, as i said, it's a strange dff

i placed it at same coords as int_rest_veg01

btw. i could import int_rest_main.dff into 3dmax2013

Edited by ZAZ
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