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Tips on how to become a Serial Killer in Saint Denis? [Role Play]

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I like to Role play in SP (Because why not). I recently thought on the idea of becoming a Serial killer like those that "Terrorized" cities in America and London in the UK back in the 1800's-1900's where cops where clueless and the local newspapers kept scaring the public with articles describing that brutality of the serial killer (like Jack the Ripper)


So i've decided to try to do the same thing. I made an outfit that wouldn't standout a lot. Old, dirty and broken clothes with a handkerchief on my face (Rancher Outfit works great). I am aiming for an outfit in which i could fit in quite well in the slums and rough/poor parts of Sant Denis and other parts downtown as well.



My weapon of choice is the hunting knife since my plan is to murder a lonely victim in a dark alley when he is minding his business with my mask on and with my knife without making any noise whatsoever and never getting spotted. I am trying to do my best on doing a "Jack the Ripper" impression just like this:





Problems i have encountered:


1. Night time is quite short. And i most of the time spend finding lonely victims in dark alleys (Too much time consuming)


2. Back alleys are ALWAYS full of people in Saint Denis. And when you find someone who is alone and procede to murder him silently, you get spotted by some random guy in a balcony 2 feet above from you where you can't even access. Not even doing parkour.


3. As mentioned in #2, You get spotted by random peds which either you have to draw your gun and shoot them and then run the hell away, or, try to persuade to not report you. (Messy and not what we are aiming for)





Any tips for murdering people in Saint Denis without getting spotted? Thanks in advance! 

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I imagine it'd be very hard due to the over zealous witness system.

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It's hard. I always end up getting spotted. Also, Saint Denis at 3AM is PACKED with people. I mean, don't people sleep? LMAO.


One of the biggest mistakes Rockstar had made: I found a poor soul in a back alley alone. I pass by him, go arround the block, put my mask on and stab him to death. "Nobody has seen me, good!" I think to myself. I take my mask off and i  leave the crime scene through back alleys for about 5 streets where i see another victim i can kill. I am getting to execute my plan when a witness finds the body of the first victim. (Realistic, when a ped discovers a body it's obvious he is going to report it to the police). Hoewver when the police arrive to the crime scene, "Investigating" pops up and a red circle in the map. Which means, that if i get close, they are going to arrest/shoot me. Why? Nobody saw me kill this man. Why am i the person to blame?


I also found another problem there is NO WAY to cause a distractions so peds leave their spot for enough seconds for me to kill somebody and don't get spotted. 


Anyways i took a few pictures let me know what you think:






















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I managed to kill 2 people in Saint Denis at night without getting spotted at all, and nobody found the bodies, I'm more of a dracula/serial killer instead of Jack The Ripper.

First one was a random lady sitting on the floor, very near a street (separated by a wall and iron gate), and the second was a bum in the cemetery.

I guess that you really need check your surroundings to see if there is anyone or if anyone could come where you are or see or hear.

Edited by 0223998743

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Guest Guest176525326
6 hours ago, 0223998743 said:

I managed to kill 2 people in Saint Denis at night without getting spotted at all, and nobody found the bodies

Dexter would be proud

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Cutter De Blanc

I'm more of a "put on a Bandana and shoot up the marketplace" kinda serial killer

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