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American Empire

American Empire Recruitment

Recommended Posts

American Empire

American Empire!



Before you read!:

We are only and only on PC.

PS4 Xbox etc. is no station for us.


What is American Empire?: 

American Empire is a military crew that has been around for quite some time.
In American Empire, we do different sort of missions etc. 

We have a lot of divisions for you to join and we are also doing basic training.

When you train, you can be picked for promotions, but you can also not be promoted.

In American Empire, we have a specific way you should dress when on-duty, off duty there is no dress-code.



Special Forces - Special and top trained division.

Airborne - Trained jumping with parachutes.

Rifles - Trained in sniping and shooting perfectly.

Navy - Trained in doing stuff by water.

Air Force - Trained in flying and shooting people down from the air.

Heavy Cavalry - Trained in operating tanks and other big vehicles and heavy machine guns.

Marine Corps - Everyone's starting point.




1. Must have a mic.

2. Must be able to speak english.

3. Must be at least 13 years old - negotiable.

3. Must be mature.

4. Must accept that it is military and also accept the things that follow.

5. Must be active at least 2 times a weak.



Join our discord for more information, link down below.

Official site coming soon!
Sergeant Major of the Army - Jakob Johnson or Jakobsevald

Join us and prestige!

Press to join our discord

Link for Social Club crew page

Edited by Uncle Sikee Atric
Added SC link

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American Empire

Let's be big again!

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