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Midnight Republic 23 now recruiting on Xbox One!

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Welcome to the 23rd Los Santos Division of the Midnight Republic, a crime syndicate that specializes in anarchy and rebellion.

Benefactor and mob boss known only as Mr. Greene is looking for both new and veteran players to join in his mission to fight against the tyranny and control of the American government. 

The crew will work as an organized team to complete missions, heists, and cargo runs for Mr. Greene to build up his empire, as well as helping each other in their own business ventures to build up each player's own sub-empire, for he knows the more branches his organization has, the harder it is to defeat.

The crew will be split up into 6 divisions (Armored Division, Enforcers, Street Team, Air Support, Recon, and Counter Strike), each with a specific arsenal and skill-set to efficiently complete missions and heists and provide variety to the crew. For more information on each division and their vehicle and weapon requirements, please visit our website.

Don't worry, Mr. Greene knows that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! In addition to business related work, the crew will also partake in regular car meets, stunt races, game modes, and general freeroam shenanigans.

In order to protect his assests and reputation, Mr. Greene himself is not allowed to touch down in the state of San Andreas. All recruitment and business dealings will be handled by Mr. Greene's most trusted associate, RaigeGames (me).

Crew Specifics:
• All crew members must have at least one all black crew car with optional crew badge and crew color under glow that meets the requirements of the division you wish to join (eg. Members of the Street Team must have one all black super or sport car). These vehicles will be used in crew missions. 
• Welcome to all ages and ranks - this crew is meant to be a tool to help build up new players with the help of veteran players 
• Mic not required but suggested
• No attacking/griefing other players (crew or non-crew) unless fired upon 
• Members who wish to join the Street Team may be asked to complete a specified lap or point to point race to assess driving skills 

For more information, contact me on here or XB1 or visit our website for more details.


Website: https://sites.google.com/view/midnightrepublic23

Social Club page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/midnight_republic_23

Edited by RaigeGames

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Interested ! 

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23 minutes ago, IIRoadRashII said:

Interested ! 

PM'd you!

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