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GTA Buck

Recommended Posts


This is the GTA Bucking Hills Country (or GTA Buck for short) total conversion mod for GTA San Andreas.

This mod uses the SAORS EXE version to play radio stations. To be able to hear them, start the game with SAORS.EXE.


I could not submit the mod on GTAGarage, because of server-side error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function eregi() in /home/www/gta/legacy/gtagarage.com/www/process/newmod.php:70 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/www/gta/legacy/gtagarage.com/www/process/newmod.php on line 70


So here is a valid download link. If you want to report because of "alien" link or similar, please report the error instead! If it's solved, I'll provide a GTAGarage link.


Download link:


Click the "GTA Buck" button.


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No pic, no click

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The Buck itself



The larger city



Small town



The power plant



The airport terminal






The army base





Anyway, the mod is in Alpha state. The map is ready, but no decorations yet. No paths, no missions, and there are about 8-10 models with buggy collision.

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I know it's a WIP but please for the love of got tell me you're going to change the textures because the lack of mipmapping is driving me to suicide

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2,5-poly models with repeated texturing, grainy textures without mip-mapping and lack of prelighting. 

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Keith Ward

"My name's GTA Buck...and I'm here to f*ck with your eyes."

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I'm guessing you call this mod GTA Buck because the map looks like you only spent one dollar on the mod's budget?


Jokes aside, I hope you'll improve this mod soon. Keep up the good work.

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Cut the guy some slack, the main city area seems to look pretty decent. Besides it's not easy to make a map that doesn't look like Kupyansk.

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Yeah, the models doesn't have prelighting, and they're low-poly. I know.

I don't know how to use 3D "modeler" programs (like 3DS Max); I use 3D "drawing" programs, SketchUp for this mod.

I started this mod in October, but I didn't have much time to do it every day, 'cuz I'm an university student, and I had only 3-4 hours a day to do it.


Of course, if I finish the Beta, I'll try to do the prelighting and the textures.


One more thing: This mod is my very first mod to publish on a GTA modding site! And, this is the very first mod, which requires me to do 3D modeling.
If you look at my website (http://urhajozas.uw.hu), look at the "GTA mods" menu point, you can only find mission mods (plus GTA Buxk of course).

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Don't worry about it, you'll make better models in time. Though I'd take what others said as advice. Good luck :)

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i think that's another acount of Till_Linderman

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As I'm a student, I have no much time to do GTA modding, because of school.
Also, GTA SA is 15 (!!) years old now. I recently got a new PC, so I started playing GTA 5.

I'm looking forward to mod GTA 5, but I don't want GTA Buck to be lost. So I decided to upload it here so YOU can download, and maybe develop it further. The version I upload, is the Full Developer version, which includes not only the Developer version (GTA SA Cleaned folder), but it also includes the Release version (GTA Bucking Hills folder), along with all models, textures, sounds, music, script sources, etc - so all raw materials.


I've done all things (modeling, texturing, scripting, music editing) myself, but I had to include some fellow modders' GTA mods.

If you decide to work on this mod, and maybe eventually release it, please mention Me, and these fellow modders.


This mod includes the following mods:

- SAORS EXE by HackMan128 (this one actually an outdated version, and so cannot be downloaded, so it was copied from Russian Theft Auto - Some Russian radio stations remain in the Developer version)

- ASI loader by Silent

- CLEO (website:  cleo.li)

- CJ white gangster mod (I cannot find the mod on the internet now)

- Stream Ini Extender CLEO script


This mod was developed using the following programs:

- SketchUp Pro 2014

- 3ds Max design 2011

- Kam's Scripts (for 3ds max)

- TXD Workshop bx JernejL

- Spark (img editor) by Arushan (Aru)

- COLL editor by ST.MU (Steve M)

- SA GXT Editor (Hammer83)

- MEd map editor

- GIMP (2.8, used for texture editing)

- Aschratt's Path Editor (paths are only to be found in the Developer version)

- Sanny Builder 3 by Seemann


Download link (the ZIP is about 3.6 Gigs, but TotalCmd can handle it):



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