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El Penguin Bobo

6 years later, I've completed GTA V's story for the first time...

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El Penguin Bobo

Hey everyone. 


Yes, this is not a joke, 6 years later, this is my first time completing the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V. Before I get on with my thoughts about the game itself, let me tell you as to why I haven't completed the story in the first place.


So, back in 2014, I got the game for the PS3. Few weeks passed, I wasn't too far into the game, I think I was on the mission, "Marriage Counseling". One day, while I was playing the game, my power went out. Once it came back on, I booted up the game, to find out that the game was completely ruined. The pause menu would not load, some textures were missing, and the game will ALWAYS crash at a certain point, so therefore, it just wasn't possible to complete the story. (no bullsh*t, this actually happened) I once had it on PC, (I pirated it), but my PC was too weak to run it.


Years has passed, and I found a deal on an Xbox One on Amazon. There was also a really cheap deal on Grand Theft Auto V for 15 bucks, and I realized that I never actually played through the storyline and everyone these days are playing Online, so I have to if I can call myself a GTA fan.


So, couple of days later, the console and the game arrived, I put the disc in, and the game actually wasn't that big as I thought it would be. It was just 66 GB and it took about 4 hours to install. Now, I can get on with the review. Sit back and relax, because this is going to be a long one...






What more can I say? The graphics has really improved the last gen versions and they still hold up til this day. The nighttimes and the sunsets IMO, looks aboslutely beautiful. The graphics are so enhanced, it's not even funny. However, RDR2 looks much better.




These bugs are only minor, but one seemed to be very gamebreaking. I had bugs like a paramedic silding to a knocked down person, turning the subway into a ghost town (by that, I mean the walls and the ground have disappeared), a car spawns out of nowhere, there was even one time where I lost all of my map data to the point where it fogs up the entire map like I haven't explored it at all.


But one that seemed gamebreaking, was that the final mission wouldn't active at all at Franklin's house. I don't know if there's supposed to be a specific time when I'm supposed to activate the mission, (because I went to sleep before activating it), but the marker wouldn't appear for some reason. I loaded my autosave, (because loading my regular save didn't work), and it fixed it.




Now let's get to the plot/storyline. From what I've seen here or some other places, the storyline is most criticized in the series. While the plot may not be fantastic, like IV's story was, it was alright. It's definitely better than what I can write, haha.


The plot is based off of 3 characters, and guess what? You can also play as them! How cool is that? While it could have been executed much better, it was definitely a step up in terms of technology. 


You play as Micheal, Franklin and Trevor, 3 guys who have to commit a series of heists to set up their lives for good. Don't worry, there's more to it, but to avoid spoliers, that's all I'm going to tell you.


The missions are fun, varied, action packed, (but more restrictive unfortunately), when you have another protagonist with you, you can switch to them during the mission, there's the awesome ambient music that goes in the background while playing the missions, there's even different ways you can do heists. The dialogue is actually pretty great too, but one thing that's wrong with it is everything happened....way too quickly.


Compared to other GTA games in the franchise, this game was way too short. The only reason why it took me 5 months to beat it is because I kept exploring the open world, did some side stuff, and I was too busy to even play. The plot is still good however, and it's pretty fun to play through.




The one thing I've genuinely disliked about IV was that the gameplay was lacking compared to other GTA games. After you beated the amazing story, there wasn't much else to do.


In V however, the gameplay has expanded. Yes, some things were downgraded, like the AI, but I can't deny that there was more stuff to do than in IV.


You can customize cars, (easily the best in the series), customize weapons, scuba diving, drive submarines, play with Chop, parachuting, hunting, property missions, (they were half assed though and they don't give you enough money), hang with friends, (you can call up all 3 of the protagonists and go on a rampage with them!), rob stores, and some other stuff I'm too lazy to write. You also have a thing called "special ablitities" for each protagonist you play as. Franklin for slow motion while driving, Micheal for bullet time, and Trevor for rage mode. I found Trevor's to be the most useful because while activated, it makes you immune to gun fire and it is very useful during combat.


The economy has expanded as well. You can get haircuts, tattoos, masks, clothing, you can even buy cars off the internet. But one thing I've noticed is that you barley get paid at all throughout the game. Pretty much the only payouts you get are from heists or the assassinations. It was a huge mistake not having most of the missions pay you especially when you have so much you can buy and some are really expensive. (who the hell came up with the idea of having the golf club to be 150M?)


It's to the point where you actually have to do the stock market glitch to get ridiculous amounts of money.


The gunplay is actually pretty good and I can see why because people who worked Max Payne 3 worked on the gun mechanics. IV's guns felt more realistic however. Melee combat was okay but it was a huge step backwards from IV's melee.


Driving mechanics? They're alright. It's really controversial debate between IV's driving and V's driving, and I liked both of them despite IV's bike physics being very hard to manage.




Just like every R* game does, this game nails the environment and the amount of detail in the game is great. If you have a sweet looking car, NPC's can take photos of it, clothes can actually become wet, the beach is closed during storms, puddles stick to the ground after raining, blood can actually float onto the water, blood can stick to melee weapons, working phone numbers that can be found on some buildings, going in first person with different tinted glasses will change the color you're viewing and much more.


The world feels alive as well. There's also various amounts of animals, like cows, deers, cats, dogs, rabbits, or even rats you will find roaming around the city. Better than Just Cause 2's or Mafia 3's dead as hell worlds. While free roaming, you might encounter a thing called, "random event". It can happen at anytime and it's usually either someone getting robbed and you have to take back the stolen wallet. You have the options to either keep it for an reward or bring back to get 10% of the earnings. There's various amounts of random events happening in the state as well other than trying to get someone's wallet back.


You can also interact with peds, but this will often get you into a fight.


But the biggest turn off is that there's not enough interiors to explore....at all. Even IV had more interiors. Yes, there's shops, your safehouse, a strip club, gas stations, and a police station and that's pretty much it. There's no food stores either, so you have to either use a soda machine or go to the gas station to eat.




As I stated before, it's actually pretty great. The radio is good too, but not as good as the OST. GTA V is the first game in the series to even have a OST. I still can't get enough of Chop The Dog, North Yankton Memories or We Were Set Up.


It was a great idea to have this and I hope to see it in the next GTA.






To wrap it all up, I honestly had a pretty good time with this game. Some people like to be a bit too critical about it (and I can see why for most reasons), but that didn't ruin my experience.


I will give it an 8.5/10 or at best, a 9. A very great game and it gets me excited to play RDR 2 when I get a chance to and maybe I'll give my review on that too. I'll probably come back edit my post because it looks kind of a mess, lol.

Edited by El Penguin Bobo
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Nice to know you finally got it going to the end, I didn't like the game due to having played Red Dead back in 2011 when I first got access to an Xbox 360, it looked like a copy. It was nice in features, working lights, sun roof, interesting missions and characters, but beyond that I didn't like it the way I did the previous games like SA and VC. I do like the online feature on the PS3. When it works for me, and no cheaters!

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