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Less political satire, more criminal game

the consigliere

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the consigliere

Is anyone else worried that gta 6 is gonna go further toward satirizing politics and the modern social media age instead of focusing on being the best possible criminal game. 


I was hoping gta 6 would have the latest advancements in gameplay, graphics, mission design, map detail etc paired with a fresh new story taking inspiration from recent crime tv shows and movies such as narcos, breaking bad, the wire etc however hearing rockstar talking about not releasing the game in this political climate makes me think they have their priorities wrong.


I'm all for a good bit of satire and taking the piss but let's be honest it's the gameplay we keep coming back to not to see what rockstar are poking fun at this time.

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MrPhilips has summed this up nicely imo.

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4 minutes ago, HelloMyNameIsHuman said:

MrPhilips has summed this up nicely imo.

Why should anybody be worried about the game that is not even announced yet lol...
He got the clear answer.

Edited by MrPhillips
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The part I took issue with was “let’s be honest it’s the gameplay not the satire”. But that’s totally opposite the reality of it. We love watching the funny-because-it’s-true “satire” of gta games. I would argue that the entertainment value of the games, usually, is more refined and higher quality than the gameplay, when the series is weighed as a whole and subjective preferences in mechanical iterations are set to the side. One could argue that grittiness and filmic aspect of iv along with its physics interactions are better or worse than v’s more arcade style handling and physics and digits reality-tv style of story and rendering, but both sides of either argument would agree that the story and situations and brutal truths between those aspects shine the most. 😊

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The* not he, expand on thought
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I feel like political and social media satire is going the way of games like Watch Dogs, or Cyberpunk. I mean, I love seeing it in GTA and of course this was probably best done in IV, but we probably won't be seeing much of it this time around. Either GTA Next becomes some cinematic masterpiece like they did with RDR2 (which btw RDR2 still proved an amazing story can be done while still catering to Online)....or it becomes a massive monument to Online play. Eitherway, it's gone

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I don't think the satire's going anywhere. I enjoy it though and while I'd love to see them go deeper into evolving their gameplay beyond their usual superficial updates, I don't really think changing the tone of the story/world would help or hinder them with that in anyway.

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