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How to find "work lobbies"

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How do I go about finding lobbies where tryhards and trolls arent going to blow my product up?


I literally spend hours just trying to find "safe" lobbies and people will STILL pop in and blow my stuff up. 


Any tips? Thank you!

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Posted (edited)

Simple truth, you won't. All product business can only be done in public lobbies which are always open to a*holes. Saying that if you want to solo you can adjust the mtu settings to secure a solo public lobby (basically throttling your internet at the computer end). If you are looking for less invasive methods then hire a crew of friends and take turns selling product with them. Other than that, pack mentality is the best advice. Appear bigger and less vulnerable to the hyena.

Edited by Cudwieser

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Hey when I want a private public lobby all I do is after the game starts and I get out of bed is to unplug my network cable for 4 seconds (+/- 1) then plug it back in then within 10 seconds everybody leaves the lobby but you. Works for me every time! Now you have a fully working lobby to yourself. You can invite your friends to this lobby if you want. No harm If you unplug too long all that happens is you will be kicked to another public lobby then just try again.

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Street Freak

Also turn your matchmaking to Closed when you get in a solo public lobby. Apparently it helps stop people joining.


Not sure but changing your status to offline also may help

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Join a "friendly crew" (no offense, I just love doing lmgtfy 😃

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