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[HELP REQUEST]GTA 5 UNMODDED crash in town (Story Mode)



Greetings all...

The reason I ask my question here, is because Rockstar is unable to help me with my clean, just installed Windows 10 Pro x64, GTA5/Social Club.
Version 1604.1/1.46, Official of course!
Log In info is valid.



To the point:
Since 2/9/'18, I am crashing in the city, playing story mode, mere seconds after loading or entering  anywhere in the city (up to at most a minute).
And ONLY in the city.
I can go anywhere perfectly, just NOT in the city.
Odd, in MP I CAN go in the city, and play normal, no crashes.


I reinstalled Windows since 2/9/'18 four times.
I reinstalled GTA5 countless times since 2/9/'18.
I reinstalled Social Club even more times.
I Deleted my account, recreate it.

I made a totally new save.
I did what Rockstar has told me to do, every sodding step.

Multiple times...
...but to absolute no avail!!!

This old issue remains: dare I load into the city, or enter the city, the game will CTD within seconds up to a minute.

It is as if the game tries to load either a ped or car that is somehow bad.

Again, my game in UNMODDED, it has no altered files, it has no additional files, it's a pure new installation (for about the 7th time this week).

So please. do not ask about if I have altered anything, added anything, or that my game is actually official or hacked.
These things have been said before in this post.


I am at a loss, I fail to find/understand the issue, Rockstar fails to find/understand the issue, and I just want to play the frikken Story Mode.


I hope, that someone can help me, as I am getting bananas from the issue...


Thank you beforehand:

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1 answer to this question

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Anyone, please?

Thank you...


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