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Special Cargo Raid Chance


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When do you start getting a chance to get raided at a Large Warehouse?


I just want to stock them up to the safelimit and fill them when double $ comes one day.


I found these:


Crate Warehouse

  • Small - 12+ crates stored, idle timer 5 hours
  • Medium - 30+ crates, idle timer 5 hours
  • Large - 78+ crates, idle timer 5 hours


Can someone confirm?

Edited by Bobfakkel
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I always thought raids started at 75%. I've been filling my large warehouses to 82 crates which puts it at 74% full.

No raids so far.

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i have no stats or percentages, but based on my own experience I leave myself afk for perhaps 3-5 hours sometimes in free mode (always retired from CEO/MC if that matters) and have never seen any evidence of a raid while I've been away. Throughout my entire tenure as CEO, i have been special cargo raided no more than 5 times... However I only have 3 warehouses - 2 medium and 1 small. They usually hover at around 50-80% full. They are rarely 100% full if ever, so idk if that is useful to you

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I once went at least 4 months without a raid to a small and large warehouses that were at 100%. When I go afk, I look at my Club security cameras. I usually fill up my special cargo warehouses, and then wait till its double $ to sell. I did fill up my two large warehouses a couple weeks ago when cargo was on the discount, and happened to get raided that same week that I finished. Lost about 21 crates, maybe from me blowing the raiders up. Cargo Warehouse raids seem to happen far less than MC Businesses, and still less than Bunkers and Nightclubs.


Edit: I also leave my system on virtually 24/7 so the Nightclub is always cranking product. Never been raided while viewing the security feed (and not registered as CEO or MC).

Edited by RIT Tyger
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