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Added car rolling onto side when spawned

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I have added a new car (not repaced), with a new id. Textures, dff, handling information etc are all inside modloader. The car spawns fine so the id is working, it has correct textures.


Only problem is the car hits the floor, then instantly rolls over. Seems like it must be a physics problem. I am not sure what could be causing it as I have used the handling information from the mod readme. I have also tried using handling from the Cheetah as well, same error occurs. The same thing happens with a different dff and texture file too.


Any ideas?

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What game? III, VC or SA? Where are screenies or gifs showing the problem? What do car and collision mesh look like (collision must be the culprit)

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San Andreas.


I have no screenshots currently, can get some this evening.


I do not know what the meshes look like, it is not a car I have created, it is a downloaded mod. The cars both work fine when replacing any other car already in the game, the error only happens when adding a new car. Surely this would mean the collision is fine?

I should add that when I have been able to get into the car, if it hasnt rolled over and exploded, the car instantly flies into the air and comes crashing down.

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Here is a gif showing what happens

This is a different car model I am testing, and same error.

Car either tips over once spawned, or is very easy to move with CJ, and then rolls over in the end.

If i try to get in the car, it flies of the map and CJ is teleported elsewhere.

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the error is outline in this forum page by a few users of the car adding method: 

many posters mention their cars flying into the air when they get in



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Not sure if topics need to be closed on this forum.


This problem I was having was caused by incomplete install of fastman, so I was essentially running with just OLA, which glitches the cars.

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