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Outlaw Biker Viking

IQ Distribution Among GTA V Characters

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Outlaw Biker Viking

There was a thread similar to this one in the GTA IV section so I just thought I’d do one for the GTA V section as well, because why not?


And before anyone shouts “ANOTHER HATE THREAD!”, I am only voicing how I THINK a character is smart or unintelligent. If you disagree, that’s AOK. Just make your own reply, listing characters based on their IQ scores. I am also ONLY including characters who made their first appearance in GTA V.


Higher than Average IQ:

Michael Townley

Franklin Clinton

Lester Crest


Average IQ:

Solomon Richards

Dave Norton


Lower than Average IQ:

Lamar Davis

Martin Madrazo


No IQ, they’re not even smart enough to know how to take the IQ test:

Everyone else, not listed above.


So where do you guys think GTA V characters fall on the IQ spectrum?

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Very High:

Lester Crest

Trevor Philips



Michael Townley

Franklin Clinton

Devin Weston

Molly Schultz



Amanda De Santa

Steve Haines

Dave Norton

Ron Jakowski

Floyd Hebert

Martin Madrazo

Solomon Richards



Tracey De Santa

Aunt Denise


Very Low:

Jimmy De Santa

Lamar Davis

Wade Hebert


Attached to Trevor's Shoe:

Johnny Klebitz

Edited by TheSantader25
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I can't believe Michael has a high IQ when he's constantly duped throughout the game. Believing he works in movies when he's just a hired thug, Epsilonism, being scammed by the shrink, and played for a fool by his family. His main hobby is watching trash movies. He has some areas of expertise but I don't think his IQ is high, probably average.


Also Franklin....does he ever take any initiative in the game? As far as I can see he literally always waits to be told what to do. He's smart enough but nothing that impressive, maybe slightly above average.


Trevor I would say probably has a high IQ, although he's damaged and lives a reckless lifestyle he's shown to have intelligence and a more sophisticated sense of philosophy and wit than the other protagonists. It's a deliberate part of his character that he's crazy but surprisingly smart.


I don't know about ranking every character but I'd guess some of the ones with the highest IQs would be Trevor, Lester, Dave Norton, Devin Weston (who seems smarter than Steve Haines), Wei Cheng, Tanisha


Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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Michael is slightly above average IMO. The fact that he Betrayed Brad sooner than he was is a point. Also we never know Michael's true intentions when joining the Epsilon cult. He might have wanted to rip them off. Though he got f*cked by the doctor. He seems to be sensible at times though. 


Trevor and Lester are definitely the most intelligent people in the game. 


Franklin IMO is similar to Trevor but in a lower degree. sh*tty background but turned out better than those around him. He grew up among dumb people but could make his mind up at least and IMO towards the end of the game he seems to be able to make decisions himself and becomes a pretty smart dude.  He even states that in "Surveying the score". Based on his background he did pretty alright. I say he is slightly above average as well. 

Edited by TheSantader25

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