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GTASA DFF files are sharing TXD images. Please help!


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So I downloaded Psylocke (Deadpool), Lara Croft, and Jill Valentine. And it turns out the modder gave the TXD images generic names and now I got Psylocke's DFF reading off Jill's "body" image and Lara reading off Jill's "face" image. And here's what they look like. ornPFHP.jpg





This is a really annoying issue. Is there any way to fix this? I tried going through TXD workshop, but checking the DFF files doesn't let you change the DFF's pathways for the images. I just wanted to download mods and play the game, but now I'm crashing into weird issue after weird issue. 

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I'm using TXD Tool for the Android version. A little update. I have a different version of Psylocke that DDF doesn't read the path "Body" instead goes by "Psy_body_d". So Psylocke reading Jill's body is no longer an issue. Now it's just Jill and Lara that conflict with each other. So these are the files I added to the game. 









and as you can see in TXD Workshop, the DFFs for Lara and Jill share the cache name "hair_diffuse" and "face_diffuse". 




Unfortunately I can only rename the cache name. But I have no idea on how to change the DFF name for the textures. 

This is the mod I'm using for Lara. https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/skins/105149-lara-well-armed-big-stuff-version.html 
and this is the mod I'm using for Jill http://modificaciones-gta.blogspot.com/2018/06/skin-jill-valentine-from-resident-evil.html

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Seems to me the textures are not applied to the model itself. There is no reason why one .dff model should take textures from another txd file. 
Does it work when you only have one of the two skins installed?

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