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the battle of the territories.

new austin or new hanover?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. new austin or new hanover?

    • rdr 1 new austin
    • rdr 2 new austin
    • new hanover
  2. 2. nuevo paraiso or lemoyne

    • neuvo paraiso
    • lemoyne
  3. 3. tallt trees and great plains or big valley?

    • rdr 1 tall trees and great plains
    • rdr 2 tall trees and great plains
    • big valley

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hi everyone. i know the title might sound a bit confusing. so i will explain it. basically you can vote on which territory is better. so to start off. in red dead redemption 1. it had 3 territories to make the full map. new austin, nuevo paraiso and west elizabeth. now in red dead redemption two. we pretty much have 3 new equivalents. new hanover, lemoyne and big valley. you might be wondering how are they equivalents. i will explain. new austin and hanover have some similarities. they are both the first main area you can free roam and explore. i know technically ambarino is the first area in rdr 2. but you are limited in the area. plus im not even counting ambarino in this fight. because it does not have an equivalent. and its a huge useless space.



second lemoyne versus nuevo paraiso. now i know you are probably thinking how are mexico and lemoyne similar? but they do have a few similarities. like it is the second area in the story you can explore. remember im not counting ambarino. and they both take you south. also they each have one unique looking region. and i mean punta orgullo has white sand for a desert. and scarlett meadows has red soil. and lastly in the story you take part in a major war going on. i know the grays and braithwaits are not military. but its the center focus of a chapter. similar to the mexican revolution.



and lastly tall trees and great plains versus big valley. they are a part of the same state. just across the river.





now here are my choices. for the first one. if we are going by the red dead redemption 1 version of new austin. thats what i would pick. but versus the new version. i think hanover beats it. i dont think the old map looks as good as it did in the first game. not to mention how there is little to do there. and armadillo is a shell of what it once was.



in the second its a hard choice. we dont officially have nuevo paraiso in red dead redemption 2. i would probably go with mexico. but i have a feeling if they did it like they did new austin and old west elizabeth then it would not be as good.



in the third i would probably go with big valley. even against the red dead redemption 1 tall trees and great plains. i did not go up there very often. and it was probably my least played area. and i like big valley a lot. it has some great areas and scenery.



so let me know what you choose and why. im very curious to see what map people like more. im sure nostalgia will kick in on a lot of you. and it does for me too. but i do think the rdr 2 map is very good.

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New Hanover is beautiful, detailed and diverse. Much better than RDR1 new austin.


Prefer Neuvo Pariaso over Lemoyne, I just have anxiety in the warm swamps and bayou's alligators kinda creep me out.


RDR1 Tall Trees is beautiful with it's mix of snow and forest. Kinda wish RDR2 would occasionally switch between snowy tall trees and regular.

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Posted (edited)

I’ve got to say, Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne I absolutely love for its landscape. Just looking over at those hills from a distance or even strolling through the woods at dusk is something special!


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Posted (edited)

1. RDR 1 version of New Austin bc of Thieves Landing & Armadillo. Plus I love the score of Hennigans Stead.


2. Lemoyne, this was the most innovation part of RDR 2 for me, swamps, gators and Saint Denis 


3. I prefer the RDR 2 version of West Elizabeth, Tall Trees is just beautiful and it really feels you can get lost there.



Edited by JC_HUMBLE

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Cutter De Blanc

I find it difficult to compare mexico to lemoyne. They are each good for different reasons. Kind of unfair really. Nuevo Paraiso only is a desert, lemoyne has two different biomes. NP has the nostalgia factor, and even devoid of life and buildings is a prettier and more scenic desert than New Austin. I cannot rightly compare the two.

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Yeah, I think it could be better New Austin v Nuevo Paraiso, West Elizabeth v New Hannover 

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I'm not gonna compare. But my favourite region has to be New Hanover, though it's mainly those long, stretching plains from Valentine down to Lemoyne, up to Roanoke. I love walking across the plains sometimes, picking plants for the Herbalist challenges, taking pictures of all the mountains. It's like being in Grand Teton park, Wyoming, or that general area.

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Mexico vs Guarma

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Rockstar never ever did a land more beautiful than the Heartlands, Scarlet Meadows areas (New Hanover). It’s simply breathtaking, and the way especially the Heartlands is introduced by Hosea’s speech, the music in the background and the lighting is one of the best moments in gaming ever for me.


I know this game has some flaws, but I’ve never enjoyed a game so much. They really knocked it out of the park with this one.

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