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Mouse won't work for Camera, tried every solution I can find!!!


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San andreas is being a real pain for me. I got my mouse to work on GTA3 and Vice City using the 3/VC reborn patches. However, the san adreas reborn patch causes the game not to launch; it will sit in processes for just a few seconds and then disappear.

I tried all of the compatibilities from windows 98 to windows 8. Similar to having the reborn patch, when the game is in compatibility mode, it will not launch, just sits in processes for a few moments and disappears EXCEPT when using compatibility with XP service pack 3. The only way that the game will launch at all is in compatibility with XP SP3 or not in compatibility mode at all.

I've tried running as admin. I've tried mashing the esc key while wiggling the mouse around. I've tried pushing shift+tab. None of those had ANY effect at all.

I have gotten it to work temporarily, but not long enough that I can actually enjoy the game... By alt+tabbing out of SA and then alt+tabbing back, the mouse will start working until I go through a load-door or a cutscene plays, then it's broken again. A similar effect was achieved by setting the affinity to CPU 0 only. The mouse worked until I went into CJ's house, then the affinity did nothing to help. And oddly, getting in and out of a car CAN break the mouse as well, but doesn't every time... During the mission where you get a hair cut and Ryder holds up the pizza place, I got in and out of his car 3 times. The first 2 times, the mouse still worked after getting out, but after the 3rd time it was broken again.

Steering with the mouse is OFF.

I am ABLE to skip the starting videos by pressing the left mouse button. However, when it gets to the menu, I can move the mouse and hover over the menu options and they will highlight but clicking does nothing. Then, in-game, clicking does NOT attack while the mouse isn't working.

It seems really odd to me that it'd work to skip the spray paint and etc scenes when the game first starts, but does nothing in-game. When the mouse is NOT working and I bring up the pause menu, I can move the mouse over the options just like at the starting screen (start new game, resume, quit, options, etc) and they highlight! So the game KNOWS my mouse is moving, as it highlights whatever I'm hovering over; it simply won't make the camera move.

I beat VC last night and have been working on getting SA to work for about 10 hours straight now and am about to just throw the disc in the trash and forget about ever playing it again. Before I do though, does anyone know of anything else to try? The things I've tried are the results of searching google for hours (I went all the way to page 30 on google search trying to fix this sh*t). Considering so many people have the problem and seems only 1 specific solution out of many works for a specific person, maybe there's a mod to fix it that I haven't come across yet, other than the reborn patch ofc?

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Long Story Short: Widescreen fix + silent patch.

Sorry for the double post, but the first one's long and no one wants to sift through that PLUS this for an answer... I sat here and read my reply a few times and thought if the reborn patches are fixing the issue in the other 2 games, there must be something there that fixes it.. I dissected the Reborn patch, looked at everything it included and saw that resolution can cause issues, so I got the wide screen fix that is included for all 3 games in their respective reborn patches... And it fixed it...

10 hours of work, and I ended up fixing it with a file I downloaded before I even installed the f*cking game on this PC!!! -RAAAAGE-

Side Note: The silent patch (also included in reborn patch) says it fixes a few problems with the mouse vertical and horizontal axis' and some other things, so after it was working fine with JUST the wide screen fix, I also put the silent patch in to make sure it stays working.

Here's a link to the reborn patch. If like me your game won't load with it installed, the person was nice enough to include links to each separate mod that's included.


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Sad to here:

Always when posting please give details.

Some details please,

  • Which Version of the Game do you have?

1.       Console. (which one)

2.       PC DVD v1 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

3.       PC DVD v2 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

4.       STEAM Registered Down Load v3

5.       Mobile (Android or iOS)

6.       Stolen, (Warez, Torrent, Pirated), Game: No fixes to be found here, too many reasons not to work. Ask at the Source Site.


When posting a PC problem, be sure to include the following information:

  • Operating system (Windows users: be sure to mention if you have Vista/XP/7/8, and which Service Pack you have)

  • Video/Graphics card type + graphics memory

  • Processor

  • RAM (random access memory)

  • Keyboard & Mouse or GamePad.

  • If you have installed mods, search or post a topic in https://gtaforums.com/forum/281-gta-mods/

You don’t need to quote, just the answers will be fine.


So Sad...

The GTA San Andreas forum is NOT for Modding, Modding questions, Modding problems, nor Modding discussions.

Please, repost in the proper section of the GTA Mods Forum:



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