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GTA-UZDA is a global modification of the game GTA San Andreas, which takes the player to the Uzda district of Belarus, where game events unfold.



So, what's new in the new version of GTA UZDA?
First of all, this is a map that has been completely redesigned for better quality, in addition, the map has grown in size, various fields, forests, etc. have appeared.
Also now in the game appeared interiors.
Shops, basements, houses and apartments, many of them are marked on the map, some you have to find yourself,
for example, the entrance to the city sewer or various basements of houses where you can find various things and Easter eggs.
In the new version, much attention was paid to creating their own weapons, pistols, machine guns, knives and other experimental instruments of torture.
in order to get them, you do not have to read, conventional weapons can be purchased in stores, while other prototypes and home-made products are hidden throughout the city.
Vehicles also did not stand aside, in this version there will also be our vehicles, but mostly the cars of other authors will drive around the city (which will be indicated in the fashion description)
From our fleet: tank, flying car, monster3s, tricycle, hot car and so on.
The missions also underwent changes, all the old missions were cut out, in the modification there will be a small prehistory, missions from the past life of the ch. Hero and several units of the quick money making missions.
Nobody forbids to interact with the city, now you can go to places and drink alcoholic beverages, which after that give special offers. The effect.
We wish you happiness and health in the new year

english translation
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English please?

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On 6/9/2019 at 9:15 PM, universetwisters said:

English please?

translated into English

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  • 3 months later...

The mod is just crazy. "Author" pumped up someone else's fashion and repainted in his own way. Too much plagiarism.


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On 9/21/2019 at 7:33 PM, Krakvus said:

The mod is just crazy. "Author" pumped up someone else's fashion and repainted in his own way. Too much plagiarism.


One of the features of the mod is that it was for him that these models were created, there can be no talk of plagiarism!

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