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Bodyguards & Associate DLC


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Dlc Concept for GTA Online



This is an open DLC discussion so Im not going to make a full Concept now.


Rockstar is known for implementing afk cargo production into GTA Online a few times, this is going to be a big feature of this potential DLC. GTA Online is facing a huge problem, in-fact 2, wich are both solved with this idea.

1st one: There are more players who want to build a Criminal Empire than there are players who are so little to “just” become an associate for someone else.

Hands finding good and effective associates is a huge pain.

WHAT IF, you are able to hire NPC associates, they’re a bit more costly, but they’re able to produce/source any kind of cargo whilst you’re doing something else. They can source CEO/Hangar Crates and Import/Export Vehicles. But How do you obtain one of those associates?

This ist where the other part ist going to start. You’ll need a new kind of Property! Either as a Unit itself or as an Office add-on. Why the extra Property? Well you’ll also need to store the customised  Vehicles of your bodyguards somewhere. You’ve heard right! Now

WHAT IF GTA Online gives you the ability to hire NPC Bodyguards following you around in Vehicles you assign them to use, like a really big Criminal Gangster?

They’re also going to follow you around on foot if you’re on foot. You can decide how Many Cars (max. 4) and how many bodyguards (max.12) can follow you around via the bodyguard control panel in the new Property. You can also upgrade your Cars/Bodyguards with amour and weapons. But with the new panel you can also hire a completely new kind of associate. A Driver! You’re now able to have a NPC Driver taking you wherever you want just by setting a waypoint on the map! You’re also able to combine the Driver and Bodyguards, wich gives you a Motorcade that you can configure also with the Bodyguard Panel and it takes you wherever you set the waypoint, and protects you whenever you get attacked.

Also, as you may know, sometimes when you’re on an oppressor mk2, NPC’s sometimes can easily shoot you. Therefore Bodyguards with good weapons and good upgraded skill makes the perfect countermeasure for the mk2!

You’re also able to hire an informant via the bodyguard panel.

The Informant sends you a hint via text message every time you’re about to get raided. The hint is going to be a Target on the map wich you have to eliminate in between 12 ingame hours to prevent getting raided

You Can hire up to 2 Informants.

With 1 Informant you’re able to uncover 50% of all upcoming raids and with 2, 100%.

Extra things that get added with the Update:

-New Contact: a Limousine Service that works similar to the Taxi, but with much more style

-New Cars (of course)

•A non armoured, non weaponised version of the strech schafter

•a new Truffade(Bugatti) based on the bugatti la voiture noire

•a new Grotti(Ferrari) based on the Ferrari 488/Pista

•a new Enus(Rolls Royce) based on the Rolls Royce Cullinan

•a new Obey/Pfister(Audi/Porsche) based on (open for debate)


As i said this is only a Content idea, details are still up for debate. I really like to hear you guys out on what you think and if this should be in the game.

Sry if my english is bad, I wrote this text on a german keyboard.

I rewrote this post bec. the original one wasn't readable for some reason.

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black text on a dark blue background... yeah no

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Just now, kenmy13999 said:

Didn't you already make this topic which got locked?

He did and he was directed to wishlist DLC, probably a double post considering the time is pretty close.

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Yellow Dog with Cone

They should buff payouts for Associates, that's for sure.


Hell, even something as simple as paying the Associates for every completed source or resupply mission would make it worth it IMO.



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inb4 the lock

you just make this thread again because the other one got locked?

Edited by AirWolf359
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I want a clique of hot-but deadly, all-female bodyguards in bikinis.


Or dwarfs.

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Argh. Please read the forum before posting.

Edited by Polynoid
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Pro tip- if your topic gets locked, don't make another one basically identical.

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