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What is this object?


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Hello again. Before I start, let me make this thing clear: I didn't discover this, @Masny did it, and he published it in the "Cool Things You Didn't Know About GTA III" topic. All credits go to him. Now I can start: There is something hidden in Portland, behind a building. Is located in Chinatown, close to Joey's Garage. This is the object (picture by Masny): 54UiJg1.jpg


And this is the exact location:



Does anybody know what this is and what is it there for? It looks like boxes with mold or something like that, but I'm not sure.

Edited by Motorik
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try to find on MED(Map Editor) no matter which version of map

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It is possible that this is brgwall.txd (near chinatowns.txd) which contains grass textures. I don't know the purpose of this thing.

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They look like they were supposed to be veg boxes to me.

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Something like an airbreak script is needed to be able to see this object? Or just a faulty collision?

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I don't know. I think it has collision, but you need a mod like the Ultimate Trainer to get there.

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Yep, I think these are supposed to be crates/pallets of vegetables or plants. I'm sure I remember coming across these years ago and being similarly confused.


It would make sense to have them scattered around Chinatown as an object that does not cost much to load but can add some level of immersion to the game. I've always liked the small additions like this, and I think this is what set GTA III apart from its competitors.


Still, don't have any idea why they are placed in the location you posted. Probably a simple mistake or leftover.

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Through entering that building using MEd we can see that it is part of props.ipl, is named "vegcrate" and the texture file is "cardbox.txd"




There's also a "vegcrate04" and "vegcrate06" with different models and textures:






However the only one that actually appears in game albeit hidden is the one this topic is about.



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18 hours ago, blaze said:


So, wait a minute. Those are unused props after all? Just the hidden one is on the map?

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