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I need your best money guide to make the most money possible per day


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Now that the update has finally been confirmed and is soon to be released I really need to make the most amount of money possible solo within the least amount of time before the DLC drops. I'm currently sitting at 13 million but now that school is over I'm gonna be able to play a lot more, so I'm looking for the most efficient money guide you've got solo. I've already watched the one from TheProfessional but I would love to hear more ways and strategies to get that cheese.


Edit: I should add, I'm an experienced player and I've got every single business you can think of and more

Edited by LodwigRedemption
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If I needed money fast I would do the following:

Before I go to sleep I make sure that bunker is full of supplies. Then I start a contact job and get my character to go to his apartment or garage and watch TV.  I leave game running of course and go to bed.

Next morning I would complete contact mission, sell bunker and Night Club - it will be about 800K I think in maybe 20 min. Then during day I would do current x2 missions, maybe run Doomsday or cars or Client Jobs or VIP missions - It will give me at least 100K in an hour, up to 400k depending on my luck. Probably not a fastest way, but guaranteed 7M a week for 2 hrs of active playing a day  with minimum hardship. 

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Ana Maria Catrina

The best method is doing Bogdan heists glitch with some other guy and having all your bussines running in the background. You can easily make around 10 millions per hour

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Your best bet is to make sure your businesses are all filled with supplies then alternate I/E missions with things like VIP missions and Client Jobs. This week you could also make a playlist of the Simon missions and start up the playlist after selling a car. 


I usually keep timers going of how long I have between doing things like selling cars and supplying my bunker so I'm making the most out of my time 

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