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Where do I find this sign?

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Hello. First of all, I don't know if this deserves a thread. If it doesn't, I'll delete it. I'd write it in the "Cool Things You Didn't Know About" section, but I'm the last person who wrote there, and I don't want to double post. It doesn't matter. The point is, I found in a page (GTA Underground) a secret that hasn't been covered yet. I know that's probably because it's really insignificant, but I'm interested in it. There's a sign somewhere that says "#1 Employee, Bob", with the picture of a ped, but I can't find it. The radar can be seen in the picture, but I can't find out where it is. It looks like the area northwest of Belleville Park, where the Uncle BJ's store is located, but I went there and it isn't there. Does someone know where this is? Again, I know that maybe it's not a big deal and that probably doesn't deserve a topic of it's own, but I don't know where to post it, and I'm helping a friend who has a Youtube channel for GTA stuff. Thank you. This is the image: bob.jpg

Edited by Motorik

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It's indeed northwest Belleville park, with the firefighter station in the nearby area. The Shoreside Vale bridge loop is unmistakable.

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What the hell? Is the first time I see this "easter egg" ever!


I've never discovered it until now and thanks to this topic. Exclude that I've years and years playing this game on the PS2 just casually and on PC just for modding. But damn, is amazing that until this day this game still have secrets. Not even back in the PS2 days into the GTA3's topics from older forums as GameFAQs or Neoseeker have some article mentioning this. Is amazing, thanks for this finding.

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Thank you, but the credit goes to GTA Underground.

By the way, I wonder if this Bob has something to do with the Bob that appears in Chatterbox FM. Maybe not, but dreaming is free of charge.

Edited by Motorik

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LOL. I've never put attention to this. Nice find. :D

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