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two gameplay qustions before I ever buy.

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1) How do the horses control? is it like breath of the wild and safety bet my horse won't run into something.


2) Can I climb? or is it like Gta 5 where you just slide down the hill like an idiot.

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El mercenario

Horses control in a realistic way, they feel heavy and agile when you are galloping, they dont make like 180 degree turn in miliseconds, diferent horses have their own way to move,acceleration, stamina and such, and going with the horse is kinda risky, because if your horse SMASH into a wall or if you fail a jump or anything ,the horse will be critically damaged (sometimes they die).

Or just will lose some hp and you can restore it with items.


You can actually climb buildings or sometimes hills, (kinda barely), or i dont know really, but i can say its different from GTA V. 



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Horses can be funny-you have to control them but not control them, there is a fine line where they will crash into trees and such if you control too much but they wil avoid trees at full gallop if you give them so leeway-they will also come to a screeching stop if you head towards a fence and will throw you head over ass.   Some of them get a bit 'Skittery', don't like towns and will run up onto porches and such if you don't control them-like a real animal.   I had to chase one thru the fields after he shied-he kept trotting away like a dog if you drop the leash will do-it knows it should come back but....


There are areas where you can climb both in towns and in the wilderness but you have to spot them otherwise you will slip and slide.   There are even some spots in the mountains where you Parkour to get to things like Treasures but if you slip it's a slide ride allllll the way down unless you just fall-not GTA5 but not Assassns Creed either.

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